Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Neighbors in Snow

We are truly blessed to have such nice neighbors here in the Ozarks. After the 5 inches of snow we got this weekend, our driveway disappeared. I thought we were going to have to shovel it to get out. Well this Sunday morning our neighbor Mark came by with his tractor. He plowed our long driveway from the country road, garage and our front door in less than 15 minutes. We can now drive out again. Having a tractor is a good thing.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday with Poppy

Treed barn cat

Our barn cat, Annie, spent the night in a cozy heated pet house on our deck all night during the snowstorm. This morning she was rudely awakened by a hungry Osa, our shepherd. Annie ran away off the porch and into a tree. She has been there all day. I have called her and try to coax her back down to no avail. She knows at night the dogs are in the house. So she is biding her time in the tree until then.


It snowed again in the Ozarks. We expected this on Thursday but it came all day and night on Friday. Our porch was snow filled and the car was snowed in with 5+ inches. We can't see our driveway anymore. My husband and I shoveled our way out the porch and deck. We walked up our snowy hill to our mailbox. The mailman made it through! We then walked down the road to see how far we could get on foot. No way our car is getting through all this snow. A huge tractor came by to pick up hay for the neighbors cows and horses. Tractors have no problems in the snow. We will wait it out like our neighbors are doing. Just take care of the animals and stay warm at home with the fire going.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Rorschach Dog

Hickory on patrol.

To make a fire

Here is our nice burning fire. It has taken us about a month to figure out how to make a good fire in a wood stove. We asked a lot of people and read many websites about fire making. The key was having good dry logs. Next, is to split those logs into quarters to make smaller logs easier to burn.
Here is A. splitting logs with a 12 pound maul. It is like and ax only heavy. We have both taken turns chopping logs.
Poppy chose to hang around to catch the flying bark off the split logs. Poppy has no common sense. It is a lot of hard work but is great exercise.

Warm and toasty

It is snowing in the Ozarks again. Daisy and Poppy are taking it easy staying warm in my sewing studio.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Turkeys in the woods

I got to see a large flock of wild turkeys near our property. There were at least 20+ birds walking and eating around a pond. This is one of the reasons we moved here to the Ozarks.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just a little auction

One thing about the people of the Ozarks; they work hard to take care of their own in times of need. A woman named Lori needs medical test to biopsy a growth. She has no health insurance like most people around here in rural America. So her church and our town come together for a little auction to help gather funds for her. Cakes, pies and sweets were made and donated for the auction. Handmade quilts and other goods were also donated. I got to meet Lori, the woman in the black and white dress. She was surprised outsiders would want to participate. We don't know her and don't attend her church, we just wanted to help. So we bid on lemon meringues, angel food cakes and breads. We spent about $30 for a lemon pie that cold and rainy Saturday night. And that pie was the best we have ever had. Our town knows how to make the best pies!
I know we raised some small amount for Lori, but pies are not a long term solution. Our government needs to step it up and take care of her people and not big business. People make America great; not greedy companies working far away from American soil.
I will get off my soapbox now and eat some more pie.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Moss-ening

I can't get over how things continue to grow even in the cold. We have moss and lichen growing all over the place. We can see a hint of green under the leaves. I see the green and think, SPRING! But spring is 2 months away and we have more winter left to go.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Poppy in Air

Poppy is our indoor/outdoor barn kitten in training. He loves to roam about our woods during the day. But when I call, he comes a running into the house at warp speed. I finally got a photo of him without a single paw on the ground. Poppy in the air.

Donated Baby Quilt

A young mom in our small town of Summersville has been diagnosed with cancer. So our town is putting on a chili supper and auction to raise money for her medical expenses this weekend. Most people in our small rural town cannot afford the overpriced and bloated cost of health insurance, thanks to our government and the insurance industry.
Many have no health insurance and simply go without.
So our town comes together and contributes what they can to help pay for these impending bills.
My neighbor, Nancy and I got together and donated a baby quilt for the auction. I pieced the quilt and Nancy Clayburn machine quilted it. She did a fantastic job! It is great to have such talented friends and neighbors.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Property Lines

This weekend my husband, Poppy the cat and I hiked through our woods looking for our property line markers. We brought along our brand new garden cart to haul out some downed trees as well. Poppy came along and kept us company through the cool moist woods. We found a pile of dumped roofing shingles left by previous owners. Poppy was king of that pile. A. marked the property lines with his GPS.
We then took the largest tree trunk and pulled it up hill out of our woods. We misjudged the incline and the sheer weight and ended up having to tromp about on our neighbors back lot in the mud. Our cart almost got stuck several times. We took turns pulling that cart uphill and home. We both lost some weight on this adventure. But we got the tree trunk to our garage and Poppy was still running beside us on the way back home.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti needs Prayers

I usually avoid news and world events, but Haiti needs serious help with the aftermath of the earthquake. I have lived through several hurricanes; I know what is like to live without after a serious disaster. And I have seen the good and the evil that comes out of people & governments in times like these.

So many lives lost and what little they have is destroyed. I found a blog of an American family in Haiti keeping the world updated about events there:
Lets keep the people of Haiti in our prayers and give what we can.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Ice Hollow

We are located near Buck Hollow. It is part of the Ozark Scenic Tour roadway. It is neat to drive the curvy road and see the ice coming out of the cliffs. I have never seen this before, so unusual.

Snow Tracks

The Arctic freeze is leaving the Ozarks for now. A mild winter is upon us as the snow melts back into the meadows. The ice falls back into the pond and tracks appear as testament to the visitors we've had. Rabbits, possums, birds, deer and cat have all crossed the pond super highway to get from the meadow back into the forest.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Uninvited Guest

Yesterday, as I got ready to feed my two headed dog beast, I had one extra head! It was a huge coon hound with no collar; waiting to eat with my other two dogs. I have a large female shepherd, but this coon hound was much larger. They make them big in the Ozarks. Being fearful of big drooling dogs I called A. to come by to rescue me from a possible rabid coon hound. As A.drove up it was apparent the drool was from hunger and not rabies. The big lug just wanted food and to come into the house with the rest of my ark. I don't need nor want another dog.
It was late afternoon and night was setting in. We figured if we did not feed this stray he will go home. Instead he ate from my compost bin and howled at the moon from our deck ALL NIGHT LONG! Yes folks, coon hounds howl and there is no off button.

So this early Tuesday morning I got on the phone and called/woke up the neighbors. Turns out one had just gotten a male coon hound stray and had not had time to get a collar on him. And they were out off town. They asked we drop off the hound to an in-laws farm nearby. Great! We packed up the hound into our car and drove him to the horse farm. It was just what the dog needed, people who would give him attention and food. All before 8am in the cold 13 degree morning on our way out to work.

We were lucky to find his owners. So many strays turn up/get dropped off at rural farms these days. Their care then falls onto the rural farm owner to deal with, no fair. I am sure city folks would not like it if we dropped off a few cows, pigs,chickens and horses on their front lawns one Tuesday morning before work!

Two headed Dog Beast

Ok, it is not a weird deformed dog. Instead it is a solution to my wandering dog problem. Hickory, my small city dog, keeps wandering off our land and chasing after cars and cows. We had to keep him on a tie out so he would stay put, very boring for an active dog.
Osa, our shepherd, stays on the land and behaves. My husband suggested I tie the two together to make a better dog. Eureka! By using my twin dog lead to tether them together; I created a two headed dog beast.
Now Hickory gets to run all around our property all day long with Osa. They eat birdseed, visit the compost bin, chase squirrels and pee on the run. A full day for Hickory is just a normal day for Osa.
This is all grand for Osa, she loves to pull. Hickory only weighs 30 pounds and is getting more exercise than he ever got before.
And at night when it is bedtime, Hickory sleeps like the dead for a change. No more waking up in the middle of the night. And the next day it starts all over again.