Monday, July 26, 2010

Pink Phlox

It is the time of the year when pink phlox are in bloom. Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds all feed from these tall fragrant flowers. Even with no rain for a long time these flowers still thrive.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Who needs Cat food?

Here is Poppy helping himself to our horses feed. The feed is corn, bran and oats and I guess Poppy prefers this to cat food. The chickens, cats, horses, rabbits and the dogs all seem to love our horse chow. They see these orange buckets and they come a running for a few nibbles.

Amish View

Here are two Amish men leaving an auction near our house. The buggies are great over these country roads. One of the neat moments of living in the Ozarks.

Ground Squirrel

About a month ago my husband heard our shepherd barking. Osa was barking at a thirsty ground squirrel. Upon his arrival the squirrel raced up a tree. I had no idea they could climb. I know they dig holes all over the place. After a while Osa lost interest and the squirrel ran off into our deep woods.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fall in July

Here are two projects my students just finished working on in July. They all had a blast creating their own take for piecing a fall block and fusible machine pumpkin applique. Gets you thinking about fall colors and cooler weather for a change.

Monday, July 19, 2010

July Peaches

I got to make my first batch of canned peaches. It was an all day ordeal of boiling water, cold water, skins and pulp. But a box of overripe peaches got turned into 10 quarts of peach preserves with cinnamon, sugar cardamom for the fall and winter. It was exciting that all that hard work turned out so well. It was a day well spent and an evening cleaning up the kitchen.

Old Stuff

There was an auction nearby us this past weekend. Old rusted farm equipment, barrels, and machines were all for sale. The barrels contained highway paint and were thankfully bought and hauled away. Nobody needs to have leaking barrels near wells and ponds. Most of the old rusted stuff did sell and is slowly being picked up and hauled away from the property.

Maple in Training

Here is Maple getting her wiggles out with a halter and lead. Her only enemy is herself and the rope. She soon forgot the rope and enjoyed the meadow with her mom, Dolly.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Cytauxzoonosis is why I had to put our barn cat, Annie to sleep today. Until today I had never heard of this. It is passed by ticks that have bitten a bobcat then your domestic cat. Seed ticks are the worst culprit, they are too small and fast for most repellents used on our cats. There is no vaccine and it kills painfully, blood in the lungs and they drown. Annie was in the last stages and would have died in 24 hours. So we had her euthanized and she is no longer suffering.
We will keep the rest of our cats tick treated inside until the weather turns cooler and the ticks go away.

Cloud Eagle

After a heavy rain we had a pink sunset in the sky and clouds. I thought it looked like an eagle landing in the trees.

The Peaches are Here

Now is the time for over ripe sweet peaches. Our neighbor, Nancy, is deep in her kitchen canning peaches. Hot water, jars, lids, peaches and sugar. All are chopped and semi skinned to put into quart jars for a hot water bath. A single peach pit is put into each can for flavor and color. In 30 minutes the jars will be sealed and in 24 hours ready for storage. Fresh summer sweet peaches all year long for pies, muffins or desserts. It is a lot of prep work and organization to can; however the results are very rewarding. I start my canning tonight.

Luna Growing

Luna enjoys eating. She gets a flake of hay 3x's a day and a handful of bran. We are trying to keep mom and unborn foal healthy. And every morning she is covered in mud and has to be groomed from head to toe. Luna loves to roll in the cool damp mud in the evenings.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Luna Due Date

Luna is going to give birth in about two weeks according to our vet. She is a maiden mare and this is her first foal. She has been on a dry fescue free paddock for over 2 months now. We are watching to see if she waxes or other signs of getting ready to birth. Right now she is just getting very large as the foal grows. She is on hay and bran with a mineral block and lots of water. She is happy and in good company with other mares.

Dolly's Bad Feet

Founder is a serious problem for horses. We bought Dolly at auction and we knew she had poor front feet. Dolly had been left on fescue her entire pregnancy. This created a high risk delivery for her foal and foundered her feet. The foal, Maple, was born safely under vet care. Now it was Dolly's turn to have her feet worked on after giving birth. Dolly's feet were studied,trimmed, filled in with fiberglass, and shaped to have new corrective shoes put on. She no longer trips when walking and she is enjoying better footing.

Dolly's New Shoes

Our eighteen year old mare has foundered in the past. Her feet were in poor condition from bad farrier work prior to our purchasing her at auction. We hired a highly recommended new farrier to work on her feet. She was trimmed from the heels and frogs then filled in with epoxy and fiberglass. He then shaped both feet and added aluminum shoes and nails. She will need new shoes every 6-7 weeks as the hooves grow in. Our new farrier was so kind and fast with our mare. Our mare no longer trips when she walks and is feeling very good these days.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Finally Some Rain

It has been a very dry June here in the Ozarks. We finally got some heavy rain that our pastures and gardens needed.

Luna Returns

Here is our second fox trotting mare that we bought at auction. She has been on a dry lot for a month. She is now on a dry lot closer to home. She is pregnant and cannot eat any fescue grass. It can cause problems for the foal and halt milk making in the mare. We are waiting for her to give birth, but not sure when she is due. Since she is a large grey mare we decided Luna (like the moon) was a good name.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Egg Dance

When it gets too hot outside to do anything sane, just roll on the ground with your bucket of eggs.
It takes no skill, even a cat can do it.

A Simple Block

Here is a simple block I showed my students this Wednesday. A great way to use up scraps!

Maple gets Grass

Since it has not rained here in the Ozarks in a month, green grass is hard to find. So we walked Maple and Dolly to our leach field to get some rich green grass. Maple chose to get a good scratching instead.

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Sad Day

Our wonderful neighbor and friend Mark lost his father this week. His father lost his battle with his health and his heart gave out. He is with the Lord now and at Peace. It will be a somber 4th of July for his family as he is laid to rest this Sunday.