Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Big Leaf

My husband found this huge sycamore leaf by our garage. I have not located the tree from where it came from. We have mostly oaks, cedar and hickory trees around us. And the only sycamore we have is a sapling. Perhaps this leaf traveled a very long way from here.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fall Thanks

I am thankful for finally leaving the city behind and living my dream, rural farm life. Having horses, chickens and all the wildlife that crosses my land. I am thankful for my health and growing strength living out in the fresh air and clean spring water. I am thankful for my husband and all our farm/small town friends. I give thanks for my trees and garden; all providing us with food and heat. For these and more, I give thanks everyday.

Wonder Wheel

This is the poly hay holder we just bought to hold round bales. It is made for cattle but if you use it upside down, it feeds horses. My husband is busy strapping it down for the short jog home. It is strong and light and one person can move it. It is strong enough to take a beating from four horses as well. Much safer than the metal bale holders. We know this one has been in the hot summer sun for a year with no break down, no rust. Just a normal shopping farm run in the Ozarks.

Coyote Stupid - American Flying

I have had enough of hearing about TSA and airport intrusive security measures. Our nation needs to wake up and demand this stupidity of scanning and padding down (feeling up) to stop. America is the only country that does this to her flying passengers. Even Israel and Pakistan do not have these kinds of "security" measures. Because the rest of the world won't put up with it.

And TSA is fear mongering along with our government behind the masks of "protecting us" from bombers. Several people demanding scanners be in all in airports, bus and train stations have a keen interest in promoting body scanners; they have stock in the company that makes these expensive machines.

And here is where is hits home for me. I would not want my elderly parents nor loved ones to be felt up, padded down and scanned in public by security strangers just to visit me for the holidays. I would never want a human being I love to go through the humiliation of this unnecessary step in flying. Oh and those scanners are not regulated, you are getting an unknown amount of radiation every time you get scanned. Is TSA going to pay for my cancer treatments? How about for my unborn child? How about men and their sperm count?
I can hardly wait to see my family doctor in the coming years.

It is because of TSA and corporate greed that we as Americans are going through the security scanners and pat downs. We need to stand up and just say no!
America you need to wake up and stand against Coyote Stupid, TSA can suck it.
America you need to stop flying in fear.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Chopping Wood

We have been helping a neighbor clear some downed trees on his land. We share the cut wood and here is our first load. These are very heavy dry logs that will burn for a long time.Good for keeping warm this winter.

Fat Snake

Today, I heard my dog growling and not barking for a change, so I had to investigate. He was staring at a large brown snake under our firewood pile. I could not ID what kind it was but called my hubby to deal with it. Using fireplace tongs he was able to pick it up and put it into the ash can with a tight lid. It was quite heavy, no rattle, white belly, raised diamond scales, small head and dark brown top side with faint side marking. Sorry, no photo as I was too busy capturing this interloper and getting it away from my house. We walked it into the woods where we hope it will stay. Then we put bird netting under the firewood pile to prevent future hibernating snakes from moving in. Bird netting is great for stopping snakes we had learned this summer. Then I had to re-stack the firewood pile all over again. I guess the warm front today is waking up the reptiles from their slumber.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Crafting

When I have free time I like to sit and make beaded needlepoint from Mill Hill. I have collected these kits but have not had time to make them yet. Just not enough hours on the farm. But a fellow blogger did make them and they are so neat! Here is her link:http://linda-hubbard.blogspot.com/2010/11/time-for-giveaway.html#comment-form
And she is giving away some of her Santas, too! This photo is from her blog of her work too.
Gets you in the holiday spirit of crafting.

First Round Bales

We purchased two high quality round bales for our four horses. We are learning how to hay our horses for our first winter. Moving the round bales into place was the first step. It turned out well.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

First Frost

We got our first full frost last week. The frost coated everything outside with ice. The sun soon came out and melted the crisp cold frost. But I still had to scrape my car windows before leaving to feed horses.

The Kirby Sanitronic

I needed another vacuum for the downstairs part of our house. Dragging our Hoover vacuum around up and down stairs was getting too dangerous. So at a church yard sale I got this old Kirby with the attachments and original lint for $5.00. I had to empty about 10lbs of lint from the bag and after that it worked great. It is simple and loud but it does the job.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The days ends so soon and night comes so fast. The moon never goes away even during the day. The farm chores take longer as the days grow shorter and the leaves rush into the barn. The chickens roost early as they are sleepy and chilled by the cold coming nightfall.

Drying Zucchini

I bought some zucchini and decided to dehydrate them. I added seasonings and salt and let the dehydrator do its job. The result was crisp zucchini crackers. They are tasty and a healthy snack. And they can be added to recipes or eaten straight.

Fall Finds

Walking in our Ozark woods in fall is always fun. The colorful trees, the crunchy leaves and the things you can find; like a "chain snake". I saw this heavy intact chain coiled up around a tree. I pulled it out and dragged it home. It is a huge tractor tow chain. We asked around and it belonged to the original owner of our land. He recognized it after many long years of being lost in the woods. But he let us keep it to use on our tractor and it has come in handy.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Halter Lessons

Ah the joys of learning to be a good horse. Learning how to stay in one place for a while. Maple and Bean are doing well in learning this new part of horse training.


I was weeding our garden when I discovered we had yams. I had forgotten about them over the busy summer, even neglected them. They doubled their numbers from the original plantings. Some were eaten through by a mean vole. Poppy flushed it out and did his farm cat duty. The yams were very sweet and tasty to eat. I will plant more next year!

The Longhorn Saddle

We finally bought a saddle for our horses. It is a vintage longhorn roping saddle made in the 1950's. It is in good shape with new fleece padding. I took a photo of the original owner of the saddle, Roy. He heard I was looking for a good saddle and offered me his. He is the one and only owner of this saddle; he roped cows in this saddle. And the saddle does not budge even with a filly pulling away from the horn. It is a great saddle for ponying around haltered baby horses. with their dams.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Luna Outing

Here is the horse I bought at auction almost 9 months ago, Luna. She has since given birth to a colt, Mr.Bean. I have not ridden her yet, but my husband has. She is about 7-8 years old and is a spirited Fox Trotter. After her foal is weaned she will go into training. She needs to learn to stand still during mounting and needs to relearn her gaits. I need to trust this horse and I don't, yet. But I work everyday to get her to trust me. I have always wanted a dapple grey horse to ride. She is healthy and shod and ready to be a good horse for a long time.

Cold Leafy Cats

Here are Poppy and Daisy keeping us company on our hike into our woods. They chase each other through the leaves as we evaluate our trees. Poppy has a thick winter coat, but Daisy never grows one. I guess that is her breed that does not grow a winter coat. Poppy is a native Missouri born cat, while Daisy is a slick Texas cat.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lawn Chickens

Here is a part of our flock of hens and our single rooster. He has twenty hens to keep up with at our farm. He has a mix of old hens and our young hens from this spring. They are a happy healthy flock of free range chickens.

Fast Fall Foals

This afternoon we let our foals, Maple and Bean, loose in the pasture to run. They stick close to their moms around since they are not yet weaned. Our pasture is not fenced yet for horses, only barbed wire for cattle. Both babies can run free in the high grass and cold wind while we hold onto their mom's lead ropes.

Lazy Windy Day

Yesterday, my mares got new shoes. Luna, the grey mare got a full set for the first time since we bought her. She is all set to be ridden this winter. Dolly is another story. Her feet are not growing and she needs to have radiographs of both front feet. This will tell us just how bad they are. We knew she had bad feet at auction where we bought her. But no hoof, no horse. So Dolly can't be ridden for a while. But both foals got to tag along for the shoeing and farrier visit. Maple and Bean were ponied along side their moms for the ride to the stable. Today everyone is resting in the warm sun as the cold front blows in.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ozark Persimmons

I grew up in Louisiana and they have big orange Japanese persimmons that are sweet like ice cream and have tiny seeds. But in the Ozarks we have these quarter sized ones that are all seed and hardly any pulp. But the taste will make you want to eat them all. They taste like a twinkie right off the tree. No wonder the deer and turkey eat them all. Who knew? Just another nice surprise living in the Ozarks.