Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Trails

Here we all are taking a break to have a picnic after helping our friends and neighbors move. It has been a very busy week at both our houses. Here are the Clayburns and the Royers and us in the mix. Moving and visitors make for a lot of energy doing so much in this heat, but still getting it all done. We are sad to lose the Clayburns to TN, but happy they are going to into a great future there. And we will be getting new neighbors as well. Lots of change - but all for the good.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Arena Riding

Our young guests got to wake up at 6am for an early morning riding lesson. During the summer our trainer gets to work at 3 am to beat the heat. That way the cows and horses do not overheat. So this was the middle of the day for her. Both children got to cool down the horses after the cow cutting training and got instructions on western riding.


Here are our visitors with their catches of the day. After catching a few perch on a sunny and windy afternoon a bass was finally caught then released. A great day of fishing on the pond here in Missouri.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sage and Jill

Our young rider Sage got to ride a top notch cutting horse, Jill, today around the arena. She got instruction from Angela Ball a seasoned cutting horse trainer here in Missouri. Angela is great with all levels of riders. Sage is learning western riding basics for the first time. She normally rides English.

Visitor Rides

We have had visitors from Houston, TX visiting us on our farm this week. The kids wanted to ride our mares so off they went. Dolly and Luna got a workout this past Monday. Both kids had a blast on our mares riding our fields. We will have to keep smaller saddles around next time for our smaller guests.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Osa

Here is Osa keeping me company out in the pasture with the horses. It is hot out and the grass is tall but she keeps watch over us all.

Blueberry Snake

I was picking blueberries and focused on weeds when I saw this guy in my bird netting. A black rat snake. He was dehydrated but alive. My husband helped me cut the snake free from the netting. After photos he released the snake away from the berries. This snake was not venomous but still; I did not want to deal with a snake bite, so glove were a must.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bad RoundUp

Again we the public have been lied to by our government and corporations. RoundUp is very bad stuff. And here is the proof: It never breaks down and it never goes away. It harms you, your plants and all living things it contacts with. It does not wash away and will leach into your groundwater.Do the future a favor and do not use Roundup. Just boil some water and pour it over the offending weeds. Just miss pouring it on your toes.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spaghetti Night

Here is our game hen, Whitey, our best brooder eating spaghetti. It was given to us as leftovers and is a favorite food of our hen. She ate all this by herself then went broody over 8 eggs. She is due to hatch her"Whitey Wacker II" chicks soon this month. These will be her second bunch since February. Her winter clutch gave us a rooster and a hen. We are hoping for more hens this round. Whitey was my least favorite hen, but she is a great mom and is the roosters best gal. She might be pushy and noisy but she gets the job done in the hen department and that makes me happy to have her.

Growing Up

This is our "almost a yearling" gelding, Bean getting some pasture time. He is going through the ugly stages of a growing horse. He has a big head and small thin neck and body with slight parrot mouth. Our Vet said all male horses go through an ugly growing period. We just have to wait and see.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Rose Tea Making

We have had a lot of rain in May giving me abundant roses this year. I wanted to enjoy my roses all year long. I love to bathe, eat, drink and scent my house with roses. To make rose tea you must have fresh roses that ARE NOT SPRAYED. This is very important -you do not want to drink bug spray nor preservatives from store bought. I do not spray my red roses ever. So they are safe to harvest, rinse, open and dehydrate. After drying overnight add half a jar of petals to half a jar of your favorite tea. I like to use Assam or Oolong with my rose petals. It is great with a pinch of sugar and milk. Makes a nice cup of tea that tastes and smells like roses.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why the Glass Jars?

I have been buying 1 gallon old and used glass jars all around town. As people respond to my ad in the paper, I go and seek them out. And everyone wants to know why the glass jars? They are old, heavy, and have rusted tops. Well, plastic gives off bad stuff into our food. And if you store food like us, that is a lot of time your food gets exposed to toxins. Old glass jars do not have any of that and they can be washed and reused over and over. And the old lids can be fitted with the new canning lids. Sun brewed tea taste divine from a glass jar. Fresh whole milk from a glass jar is just the best and old timers know this. Our kids today have no idea how good food can taste when not stored in plastic. So the photo is my moving brewers yeast from plastic into a jar older than me. Out with the modern and back into the past. Somethings are just worth going back and doing over. And by limiting my exposure to foods in plastic I hope to gain years of longer good health. And I will get muscles moving these heavy glass jars around, too.

Four Duckies in a Tub

Here are our 4 baby ducklings getting some tub time. They love the water and dirty it up fast. Now they are older we can let them stay outside in a large enclosure among the chickens. They have sun, food and their tub all day long. They still do not have wings yet, just nubs. They will need the wings to get away from predators. Mainly the foxes, hawks and turtles will try to hunt our ducks. They get to forage on grass with the chickens and eat bugs. At night we take them back into the coop to sleep among the chickens.

Our New/Used Farm Truck

This past week has been crazy busy for us. We purchased a used 1 ton flatbed truck. We needed a heavy duty truck to move feed, hay and building supplies. We were tearing up our city cars with all the country roads and heavy loads. Then we drove several times into town to get the inspection, license and tax stuff at our county seat. Now the only hold up is new AC and parking break repair. And I need to learn how to drive a stick. I have avoided this type of vehicle all my life but am married to a die hard stick driver. I guess I knew this day would come and I'll have to learn. At least we have a huge field I can practice in. Going to be easier to have a heavy duty truck around the farm for a change.