Monday, October 31, 2011

Moving Iron

Our neighbor bought a cast iron wood stove for his addition. He finished grouting the hearth today and needed to get his stove in place. After moving it into his house with his backhoe at the backdoor; he needed more hands to get the stove moved into the room and onto the hearth. After putting on the legs he glided the 400lb stove using plastic carpet gliders by himself. We lifted the stove into position and got it placed quickly. Now he needs to put all the doors and fittings and he will be good to go for house heat this winter.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


All dressed up as a ghost pirate heading out to the haunted mill for spooking.
Happy Halloween!

Swing Low

I have bad memories of swings. Most have met their demise by me or a moth sitting in them. The swings of the past and I have hit the earth never to swing again. So when my husband won a handmade wooden swing for a charity auction, I was pleased it was stored away in the garage. However, it was given a new life outside under our deck. I told our contractor it must be fitted to hold a horse on that swing. And Jeff did just that. He custom welded metal plates under the deck supports and used thick threaded stock to hold the swing chains. Now the only thing to give way will be just the chain and not the swing nor its supports. It is safe for large 2 adults, 1 shepherd dog and 1 barn cat on a quilt. And a horse, too. Now we can all sit on the swing and watch the deer run by in the meadow. Jeff got to try out his handiwork and be the first to swing.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Stone Firewall

Here are the shots before the installation of our wood stove. And here is Jeff installing the pipe. He also used my fossils to fill in the gaps in the stone wall.

Firewall Finished

Just in time for winter, Jeff, our contractor, finished installing our stone wall and wood stove. The Jotul stoves weighs a ton and needed two people to move it onto the hearth. Jeff did a fantastic job using the cultured stones and real cedar shelves. We have a small fire going to break in the wood stove. Life is good.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Snack Tree

Our new flock of your ducklings ventured out into the lawn to eat. They all took turns eating the seeds off the crepe myrtle trees. These are hard and dry seed heads but they seem to like them. Then they were all chased off the tree by the guineas.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Haunted Mill Spooks

Here are three of our volunteer spooks over at the Summersville Mill Spooktacular.
We all take turns scaring our victims in the Mill now until Halloween every Friday and Saturday night. Stop by if you dare.

Battle Carpet

Here is my husband and all our cats on the battle carpet. When you sit on this rug the cats come to play or battle you. The kitten, Coco, is in his lap watching the herd go by. Coco is safe by sitting in his lap. The rest of the cats move on to where the sunbeams land on the floor. No battle took place as it was too cold in the house. Sunbeams won over carpet fighting.

House Reforming

Here are shots of my neighbors rental house restoration. New bathroom, drywall, basement work and more have been done on this house. I am amazed the progress being made inside the house and on the property. The kitchen is gutted and can begin new after the drywall dries. This has been a lot of work for him.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Duck,Duck, Dog

I glanced out my window and saw one of my black ducks down in the dogs unfinished kennel. The fence is not complete. My shepherd was trying to bury the duck while my spitz looked on. I ran out of the house into the cold to save my duck. I yelled and hit my shepherd and retrieved the wounded duck. It was bleeding and not looking good. I had blood all over me. My husband and I looked over the duck and found a deep puncture on the right thigh. I cleaned out the wound and treated it and put the duck into the kennel with a towel and quiet. If it makes it it will be one lucky duck. This male Cayuga duck has been teaching the young ducklings how to forage on the farm. Now, I only have one adult male left to show the ducklings the ropes before winter comes.

Apples and Eyeballs

Today I peeled and sliced several pounds of apples and dehydrated them. After drying I put them in glass jars. The eyeballs are for the Halloween spirits who don't like apples.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ditch Witch

This morning on my drive to drop of my kitten at the vets I had an adventure. A dump truck was coming down our country road so I pulled over so it could pass. I pulled too far over and got my Volvo stuck in the muddy ditch. The truck driver and another driver both stopped to help me. A tow chain was needed but no one had one. I had one at the house, so I was given a lift with my kitten in tow back home. I arrived, got the chain and we returned to my car. The other driver was kind enough to chain my car and pull it out with his truck in the rain. So in less than 15 minutes I was back on the road again to get my kitten to the vets. I am so happy to live here in the Ozarks. People are very helpful. When I got home word of my plight had already reached my husband and neighbor. I did not want to bother them since both had morning meetings and work to do. But still it was nice to be worried about. Lesson learned: carry a tow chain in the trunk or have a wrench on your car and don't pull too far over for a truck on a muddy day.

Century Link Sucks, Again.

My neighbor on the corner lost his DSL connection in the bad weather. Century Link sent a man to repair the line and give him a new firewall modem combo. When my neighbor ask if his adjoining rental house down the road can get DSL, the worker said no. He said corporate in Monroe, Louisiana is not upgrading nor installing any boosters in Summersville, MO. Not now and not ever.
Wow, thanks for nothing Century Link. You are given federal dollars to install fiber optic Internet and DSL boosters in Missouri and you do NOTHING. BIG FAT NOTHING. It is so nice to be treated so poorly by a corporate monopoly. And the cherry on top? I got a call from Century Link asking when I would like to have high speed Internet upgrade. Wow, how nice and upgrade for nothing I have now still equals big zero. And that is what Century Link is to Missouri a BIG ZERO!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cedar Dresser Saga Part 5

We picked up our cedar planks from the trees we cut down last week from the mill. Out of those cedar trees we got 200 board feet of usable cedar for our dresser. Our Amish craftsman only needs 60 board feet to make a dresser. We dropped off the cedar to be dried in his yard. It will take a while for the cedar to dry about two months. Next, we dropped off the oak boards from our neighbors tree. These were very nice boards but very wet and heavy. It will take a year for these boards to dry out. We put them in his greenhouse temporarily to get out of the elements.
The cedar is marked very nicely with pinks and reds and smells great. I have learned that logging, milling, and moving wood is very hard work. But it was fun doing something I never thought I'd ever do in my life. The next cedar saga stage will be in the hands of our Amish friends.

Wet Winter Forcast

I opened several persimmon seeds to see what they'd show. Old timers in the Ozarks split these seeds to forecast the winter weather. If you see spoons or shovels it is going to be a lot of snow and ice. If you see a fork the winter will be mild. If you see a knife the winter will be bitter cold. Just like last year, I see spoons/shovels. This means it is going to be a wet winter in the Ozarks.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mill Hauntings

Our haunted Mill in Summersville was a big success last night. We had loads of brave souls of all ages try to survive the spirits of the mill. We have two levels of tricks and treats. And after they leave we have sweet treats and cider for sale for the hungry survivors in our cook shack. We are running the hauntings Fridays and Saturdays from 5pm until 10pm until Halloween. Stop by if you dare.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cedar Dresser Saga Part 4

Today, we borrowed a friends trailer to load up our cut cedar logs an one oak log. Alan used chain and our tractor to move the very heavy logs onto the back bed. After that he drove to the Amish mill to have the logs sawed into planks. I did not go to the mill, nor take photos as it is Amish run. They told Alan that the planks will be ready for pick up on Saturday. Then we truck them over to the Amish furniture maker to be dried for 2 months. Our dresser should be finished by February. It will be exciting to see our trees cut into planks. All the purple and yellow stripping in the cedar makes it so unique.

Haunted Mill Headstones

Last night my husband and I hurried and made these headstones in our shop. We had to contain the Styrofoam in our shop so the animals would not eat the beads. We were covered in head to toe with the white stuff. But the headstones turned out nice. I added some old boots that were no longer usable. We also had some local stone to support the headstones.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Goat Me Around

This weekend we went to the Cabool Older Iron Club Fair. If you like tractors, machines, blacksmithing and animals, this was the place to be. While there I saw free goat rides being offered. The owner told me his Boer goats can handle about 300 lbs of weight in the cart. He offered his goats to me for a ride since I was taking so many pictures. It was a blast! The ride on the cart was smooth and slow. The goats kept a nice pace around the park grounds. One should never pass up a chance to take a goat ride.

Cedar Dresser Saga Part 3

This Sunday after church Alan and I saddled up and tractored out to the last cedar tree. It was a smaller tree and did not take much time to cut down. Dolly got a short break to eat some grass. Then we drove/rode to our neighbors house to cut the last tree downed from a storm. While Alan cut the last tree I rode Dolly around the back trails on the property. I saw several turkey taking wing as we came by. The sun was setting and the forest was a soft yellow under the orange hued leaves. It felt very fall-like riding my horse in the woods. I took Dolly back home, riding the cleared paths beneath the power lines connecting our properties. Now that all the cedar trees are cut, we need to haul them to the sawmill.