Friday, September 28, 2012

Second Son

Here is our trainer riding Bean, our other 2 year old horse from our farm.

Bean took to the saddle well. He will always have a bosal bridle since his wolf tooth refuses to descend.
It is inhumane to put a bit in his mouth when his tooth would clank on it.

Bean looking for the next part of the lesson. He knows he gets grained after his lessons.

Bean stands calmly as the trainer dismounts. Bean has a long way to go before he is safe, but he is doing well for the first time. And he has a nice Fox Trotter gait just like his half sister.


Can you guess where my round bales came from? Oklahoma!

Ah, look how cute little prickly pear cactus growing on top of my round bales.

I will have to transplant these guys to a high and dry place. Cactus can grow in Missouri, but they prefer the heat of the southern zones. I do like prickly pears so this will be a nice treat growing these.

Turtle Wars

This is not the way turtles make baby turtles. The plain green turtle is trapped by the fancy shell turtle.

The light green turtle's foot is inside the mouth of the painted turtle.

You can see he is trapped. I saw these guys in the morning and decided to rescue the trapped one that afternoon. Otherwise both turtles would become a snack for my dogs.

I flipped the bad turtle over hoping it would release its victim, no luck. I had to use the base of my knife safely separate both turtles.The victim lost a toe in the battle but escaped. 

You can see the blood from the victim's foot in the upper right of the shell.
I moved the aggressive turtle to the other side of the farm. This was the first time I have seen different type of turtles fighting like this. They usually keep away from each other. All this rain has the turtles on the move getting ready for winter.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Cow Control

So if you have a sick cow what do you do to control it for treatment? In the old days you rope it, throw it down and treat it in the field. Farmers use a head gate or whole body squeeze chute. Being new to cow ranching we learned the hard way to move a 1,000 lb sick cow with ropes. Number 96 was led into the stall with grain and then the fun began. She was non compliant to the thermometer in her rear, so restrains were applied, the lariats.

The vet is in the stall and the lariats were pulled to keep her head and legs immobile during the exam. A free cow is a danger to the vet and the stall. Stress being away from the heard for a sick cow can also harm them. She was eventually was pulled straight, medicines were given along with some grain. She was released into the herd after all this drama.

"Look Ma, no upper teeth". This cow is about 6-7 years old as the vet shows us her teeth. The end result from this is the cow survived. She was on a dry lot then moved to a rich green lot and she got fog fever. The high fever can kill a cow quickly if not detected. Her owner caught it in time. 
A used head chute was also purchased to make cow control much easier on the farm from now on. Life on the farm with livestock is always an adventure.

Peace and quiet

Lately, I have heard several people grumbling about politics and the garbage on TV. So many people are fed up with what is being spewed at them via the TV. We do not have TV and I no longer miss it. I read what I can and pay attention to the facts when available. I love that my local newspaper does not waste space printing political propaganda. People can read the important stuff that matters living off the land out here in the Ozarks. I think TV is a black hole for time and what is important in life. People use TV as a way to fill  a void in their lives, background noise. I know this because I used to, even had 3 TV's in my old house. Just like a drug it takes a while to be weaned off of it. But once you are over it you are clear headed and have time. You can think your own thoughts and become aware of what is really going on in the world. So I am going outside to watch deer TV. They can tell me all about their day while eating my apples from my tree. And I am all the better for it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Rare Muntz Jet

I got the chance to take photos of a rare Muntz Jet in the parking lot.

The interior is plush and so neat looking, just very tiny inside. You can't see it but there was a pirate character in the center of the steering wheel.

The pea green color is still trendy even today.

I had no idea how rare this car is. I was just attracted to its lines, chrome, color and design. Modern car makers just "miss the boat" on good looking cars these days. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Maple's First Ride

Our trainer tacks up Maple for a ride. 

We are shown how he gets her used to plastic bags.

Maple shows off some of her natural gaits.

Shown side passing from a stand still.

In the corral the trainer and husband talk about cues and safety on a green horse.

Alan gets to ride our first born horse, now a two year old.

Maple is calm and steady. She is relaxed and waits for her cues from Alan.

Taking a break and relaxing. She has the potential to be as good as her mother was for us.
We could not ask for more and are very happy with her progress.

Car Show in Summersville

Here is an antique 1937 truck on display in Summersville this weekend.

A 1950's Chevy in my favorite accessory, chrome.

Showing off the Shelby Cobra at the Summersville Mill. Owner and fan pose at the Mill on a brilliant day to be out touring in the Ozarks.

My husband got to go for a ride in this fast little Cobra. Our neighbor built this Shelby and now maintains it in spite of the country mice in the engine and gravel roads. This little car has a good life.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thinking about Japan

I have been reading a lot of books about Alzheimer's since my mother-in-law is now going through some of the later stages of this disease. I am reading up on Alzheimer to lay down prevention in the future. Along with getting off pills, eating healthy and avoiding processed foods, staying active, the books say to keep your mind active. Crosswords, learning to play a musical instrument and learning a new language can all help to keep the mind sharp. I am currently learning to play several instruments and have stumbled through but am having fun. And I have some knowledge of Latin, French, Spanish and some Japanese. And that's what I have decided I'd like to improve upon, my Japanese. I have never left the country before, but would love to see parts of Japan. After talking to my husband we are researching what would be worth our time to go and see and do in Japan. I love koi, gardens and architecture so those would be of interest. We both like musical things so that would be a thing to go and listen to. We also like some of the foods they eat there. We do not like the big city so we would tour the country sides of Japan. We think it would be worth the effort to go and see what Japan is all about and pick up a new language while we are at it.