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Death comes for a visit

I have been so busy raising 6 motherless kittens I have not had much time for myself. I have been watering all 3 veggie gardens and trying to process corn, tomatoes, and potatoes. I have almost given up the veggie garden after I found blister beetles all over the kale and collards. They are impervious to everything. And they eat everything that is green.

But today three of my hand raised kittens went to a new home. Leaving me three to take to our local no kill animal shelter. And that leaves the two new baby kittens that have issues. One died this week and the other two have to be isolated until I get them medicated for upper respiratory. They either become immune to this or they perish. It is hard to lose an animal, but is also a relief they are no longer suffering.

My sweet 10 year old Rose a Rex bunny died this week after her struggle with tumors in her lungs. Our vet said there was nothing he could do, but let her live out the rest of her life. She was not in pain, just coughed a …

And then they go

It has been almost 3 months that I have been fostering these tiny sick baby kittens.
They are now ready to leave my home and begin a new life somewhere else.
The shelter I foster for has too many kittens/cats at the moment. So we are keeping this batch a bit longer. The good news is that people are contacting me about these kittens. They are free with the promise to have them spayed or neutered. We have given these kittens a great start to a new life.

Fostering August Batch

Here are the kittens we bottle raised since June. Four sick ones and two healthy ones. All are now healthy and thriving and ready for adoption at the end of the month. They eat dry cat food and are litter trained. My job is so much easier now.
All but one are male. Could not tell until they gained weight. Even though they are from 2 different litters they all get along. It will be hard to give them up, but there are other kittens needing fostering. And these guys have had a great start.

Harvest Foodie

A few weeks ago I was in the city and stopped for Sushi. It is hard to find fresh fish in the middle of the country. But I had the best tuna sashimi,ever. I took a photo since it was delightful and pretty.
Farm raised corn waiting at home for me to process and freeze.
Pumpkins grown for me by a friend.  I am knee deep in juicy red tomatoes and have a ton of work to get done.

Kitten Pile

Here are all six of my foster kittens. They will be up for adoption at the end of August at Texas County Animal Shelter. It is a no kill shelter in Houston, Missouri. They all piled up after a dish of kitten milk. They are all eating dry cat food now and using the litter pan. They just need to be older to handle the stress of a new home/shelter.

Ragdoll Foster Kittens

I have been fostering several kittens since June. These 2 female Ragdolls were a recent addition about 4 weeks ago. They are almost of age to be adopted out of Texas County Animal Shelter in Houston, Missouri. 
This is a mitten ragdoll.
Two sisters
Deep blue eyes with a dot on the nose and 4 white feet.

This is a lynx ragdoll. Her stripes are getting darker while her silver points are highlighted.
Both kittens hear just fine. The blue eyes are a ragdoll feature.
Deep blue eyes. Both girls are long haired and very fluffy. Both are eating dry cat food and are litter box trained. They will be up for adoption by the end of August at Texas County Animal Shelter.