Monday, December 29, 2014

Missing Melon Mission

The other day it was cold and rainy here in the Ozarks. I let Melon outside and there he stayed for many hours. It was getting dark and icy so my husband and I suited up for the cold and went to hunt for Melon. We looked everywhere and I started to back track on a hunch. Sure enough he was dry and happy under a trailer and wood. He was spooked and a bit jumpy but otherwise just fine.

Once he was back inside the house he was a happy camper once more. We think the shepherds were chasing a predator and he got caught up in the chase.

Get Foxy

This little fox ornament was sent to me by my niece. She sent me a care package of much needed Vietnamese foods and treats from Louisiana. She suggested the fox be placed in the snow village I had on display for the holidays. He fits right in with all the other animals in the snow village.

Case of the Mondays

I woke up this morning feeling weak and tired. But I pulled on my clothes, coat and boots and headed outside to feed the farm in the ice. Then came back in the house, changed and crawled back into bed. I am not sick, just worn out and did not sleep well. But my husband got all the phone calls and deliveries and started the wood stove so I could rest.

This is how I feel. My German Shepherd just passed out on the deck with her hard head.

She looks like she partied all night.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Play me Somtin'

This Christmas Day I got to play the piano at my church and the piano at the nursing home. This is a photo of my piano. I've been practicing all year and it worked out great. I played before mass began as people filed in and then had a full house at the nursing home. The nursing home piano was sorely out of tune, but I made it work. There is a great joy playing on several pianos. Now I start again with a new year and more lessons. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

She Goes out Into the World

This December marked the graduation of my husbands niece, Laura. She has a Bachelors in Biology from AR Tech in Russellville. We live about 4 hours away from the college and were able to find a farm sitter and plans were made. We got to see this nice small campus and the happy students there. I am happy for her and hope she finds her path in life.

Busy Christmas

The weather has been mild and very wet this December. 

I got my snowy village up and lit for guest when they stop by.

Our front door reflects the outside lights. Warm inside the house and cold outside at night.
With all the events that came up this October through December the end of the year has flown by in a blur. It was good work, helping friends in need, but personal projects were put on hold. Did not get to ride my horses nor create nor sew. I am looking forward to next year and making time for myself. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Melting Cats

When the wood stove is going full blast, the cats begin to thaw and melt.

Using a tissue box as a pillow works fine for Melon.

Good thing this is a load bearing tissue box.

Daisy is melting on the saddle blankets

Too tired to complain.

Poppy nestled in the dog blankets.

Snowy November

Had a light dusting of snow in the morning then it all melted away.

Very early snowfall in November this year.