Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hay Ho We Go

After all the rains we have had, we finally got our first cutting of hay for this winter. We usually get these in June/July. The wet conditions prevented the farmers from baling until very dry. Then there was a backlog. We are testing string bales versus net baled. We were loading and unloading bales until 9pm Monday night. We did not have dinner until 10 pm. But it was worth it, the horses are set for the winter. Now we turn to chopping dead trees for firewood.

No Deere! Oh Deere!

I think everyone should read about what John Deere the company is doing. This is not just about tractors: Here is the link:

John Deere is making it illegal to work on your own tractor, and I hope it hurts their sales. If this farmer had changed his belt sensor on his own tractor, he could have been put in prison for five years or fined a half million dollars under the DMCA law.
If you think you have nothing to worry about because you aren't a farmer, consider that this same scheme is being used by a number of manufacturers. When you buy a car, do you ask the salesman if you are allowed to do work on it, and do you believe his answer? Who really owns that car or tractor after you buy it?

Monday, August 3, 2015

Exploding Kittens: the Game

Yes, it finally arrived , Exploding Kittens the card game. 

Melon waits for Alan to read the instructions. The card box meows after you open the box.

The clear wrapping is more cat fun.

Pretty box graphics.

Dealing out the cards.

Such a tiny litter box. Fun game with 2 or more players. Silly rules and fun graphics. There is the PG version and the Not for Office version. You can find it here.

Sherlock Stock and Barrel

We do not have TV nor cable service in our home. Just could not justify the $80 + a month expense for nothing worth watching. But I did find this series called Elementary and got it via Netflix. Wow, very entertaining and fun. The modern spin about Homes addiction and a female Watson are new and fresh. Just the wardrobe of Watson is fun to see. So worth sitting a spell and watching a spot on the telly.