Monday, April 25, 2016

Smell My Hair, no, really smell it!

I have been trying different shampoos for years. I miss my grandmothers and mother-in-laws perfumed shampoo that is no longer made. Long hair and perfumed shampoo are a great combination. Not that salon smell, not that artificial fragrance smell, but clean flowers and perfume.The Koreans got it right with Aekyung Kerasys Elegance & Sensual Perfumed Shampoo that you can buy on Amazon. You get a big bottle, soft hair, easy to dry after and your hair smells great for days, better in the sun. The conditioner is perfumed as well and great for your ends. I have found my shampoo. If you miss your perfumed hair, this is the brand to give it back to you.

Lawn Nugget

It has been a week since my dog brought me this tiny newborn bunny. With care and advice from experienced people, we have a happy healthy growing bunny.

He is eating well and is alert and getting longer and fluffier.

I am glad he survived. Many wild born do not after trauma and human interaction. But I listened to the wise ones and take my time. It helps to have another set of hands helping me feed him. It helps to have the food, tools and housing for these tiny creatures. Once he is old enough he can run around free with the rest of the wild ones in the warrens.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Poppy Life

Poppy the barn cat resting on a feather duvet and fur pillows on a handmade rocker.

Just looks so nice I need to try this sometime.

Home on the Range

My baby ducklings are now outside full time. My house is duck free until another hen gets broody again. Ten of these can stink up a brooder box fast. This time we have left them outside instead of the coop. At night they have a large crate to sleep in that locks and my dog to keep out predators. They will stay in the nursery yard a bit longer. They will soon be big enough to go into the coop and join the flock. They share their yard with our indoor adult bunny during the day. 

Food, mint, straw and pool make ducklings very happy.

Rouens and a couple of Cayuga all home grown.

Hippitus Hoppitus

This week my dog brought me this tasty rabbit nugget. I get these rabbits babies once in a while from my barn cat and in worse shape. I told my dog to drop it and I looked it over, it was unharmed. I looked all over for the nest and old warrens but no sign of a doe nor nest. So with slim chances I brought it in and hit the web for info about care and feeding. After some trial and errors we got him to eat. I still give it low chances, but so far so good. KMR, probiotic and a heating pad and quiet room/cage are working well for this wild creature. Oh and they can jump far and fast so we keep it on the ground for all feedings. He will be set free once he is eating greens and off the KMR. Wild rabbits are very different from domesticated ones. Luckily, we have a lot of experience raising rabbits and we have the time to care for it.

This is a monster mega Rouen duck egg. These ducks lay big eggs but this is a really big one.

Here is the egg in a jumbo carton with jumbo chicken eggs. I can't even get the egg partition to close in the fridge.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

10 little Indians

About a week ago a single duckling hatched under a hen. She ignored it and after 2 days I brought it inside. A week later two more hatched and they moved inside the brooder box.

They were doing great inside learning how to used the water bottle and eat.

But then I went into the coop and found 3 dead ducklings killed by a hen. 
I saved the rest and they are now inside the brooder with the older ones. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Orphan No More

Last week a single duckling was hatched. After 2 days the mama did not get off the nest. The duckling was dehydrated and weak. I brought it inside to get better. Meanwhile, 4 other ducklings were killed by a chicken. 

So after waiting  a week another duckling hatched and I heard its cries. The mama duck left the nest and the duckling was cold. After tucking it in my pocket for warmth, he is now a companion to the orphan. Hoping the rest of the clutch will hatch with mama duck. She is a first time mama duck and new to raising her brood.

Melon Twin

This is Melon and his stuffed doppelganger. 

Nothing as soft as a feather duvet and a flannel cover.

Attack Rooster

This is a rooster I was given along with 5 more from a "I do not want roosters hurting my hens" type of farm. I told the giver their roosters would become roasters, they were fine with that. But I kept one of the lot for possible breeding. That was a mistake as I found out this rooster was hand raised and had no fear of people.

After about 3 months this rooster had no covered hens and was attacking us all the time. That is a death sentence on our farm, but our freezer was full. So I took him to auction instead.

I put a sign on his cage that he was mean. He sold for $2 and was for sale again the following month by that same buyer.  I am glad my own roosters fear me. They have a job to be with their hens and watch over them. I have learned that it is best to kill off a mean rooster. You do not want that aggression to be passed into flock. And you do not want the animal to end up potentially harming someone.