Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Just Ducky

Last week my broody hens had some babies. Some of the hatch were ducklings. The hens soon pushed the ducklings out the nests keeping the chicks only. In the evening I heard the peeping I know so well, cold ducklings. My brooder box was ready and they are now in the house. 
This week I heard a ruckus in the yard and a peeping of an unhappy chick. I see the hen with her brood and a tiny black and white Bantam chick with a bloody head and lots of noise all alone. It was attacked by other hen or another large bird. So into my pocket he went. I got back into the house, cleaned it off and put it in the brooder with the ducklings. After only a few hours it settled down and is with the ducklings. My husband holds the chick in his lap while the ducklings swim in the tub. I clean their cage while they swim. After a time the pile goes back into their cleaned brooder. Normally I stuff an orphan chick under a sleeping hen with chicks. Normally this works like a charm if they are about the same age. But sometimes a chick just can't keep up with the hen and the brood. So it becomes an orphan I raise. I then try to get 2 more chicks to raise with the orphan. This way they grow up together and stay together as teens/adults.  
With ducklings same thing, but I take them outside in a temporary yard with an older foster female duck. This is after they outgrow the indoor brooder. Foster mom duck shows them how to follow, forage and go in a crate at night. After the ducklings are half grown (2 months) I release them with the foster mom duck. She will rejoin her flock with her "babies". It is more work but in the long run the foster duck system works. The older non laying foster mom duck has a job and the orphans get a ticket to join the flock.

Treat for myself

My oil slick coloring worked out very well. Nice dark color with permanent blues and purples mixed in. It took three hours in the salon but it was worth it. Yes, I got lots of stares from the older folks. But young people stop me and ask me "who did my hair?" My husband love the change.

I do not have time on the farm to get all done up often. This was right after I got back from the salon. My hair spends most of its time in a pony tail. But Sundays it is done up right and hangs beautifully in the sun. It is shiny and radiates colors.It does require well taken care of hair to start and the right shampoo and color conditioner to make it last. It is a fun experiment just for fun. 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Mid Life Hair Crisis

After years of short hair and super long hair I now have medium hair. On the farm this is easy to care for. But I am bored with my natural color. So I am toying with going blues and purples permanent colors. Why? Just because I can. I work from home and on the farm. I can look like whatever I want. I have always wanted lots of colors in my hair but could not afford it or I was in an office environment. We never were blessed with children so I do not have to worry about embarrassing my child. My farm animals could care less what I look like as long as I feed them. I read that women in midlife crisis going on diets, try an affair, adopt children, leave their husbands and engage in risky behaviors. I just want to change my hair color to something fun for me. And my husband is all for it. So this week I will dive into the deep end of the dye pool and see how it goes.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cleaning up in Spring

wild peach trees

We have guest coming to stay and that means cleaning up the guest room. We keep our guest room closed and used for storage. So the kimonos, Christmas decorations, cooler, extra blankets and many books all get moved out.

my 2 year old pear tree

I pack it all in plastic boxes and haul up to the garage. It is nice having the guest room all cleared again. We have a dresser and king sized bed and end tables with a bookcase headboard. We keep the cats out as some guest do not like cat hair on everything. We also have pet rabbits upstairs. We were told that they are very noisy and active at night. So we will move them to the basement.

more wild peach trees

This year after a few hints from other guests I added a 2 tier luggage rack in the room. Apparently these are a must for a guest room. I would not know, but we have one now. Along with travel soaps, robes and pillows there is now a deluxe luggage rack. I guess my company is old enough to appreciate not having luggage on their bed or on the floor. I spend too much time outside to worry about these things. But other travelers like to have these even out in the rural woods. We do not have TV nor anything like a mall but there is a ton to do out on the farm. This is a busy time for me and my gardens. It is nice to see new faces and have company for a while, though.

Pretty little things

I saw this on Ebay and thought wow, what a cool idea. I have seen Christmas trees made from old costume jewelry but not a bouquet.  I do like some of the pins used. But all of these put together are a neat way to show off your pins. Might have to try this. I do not have nearly this many pins. So it might take a while to find enough to play with.

Life goes on

In this pile of white coats is my husbands niece Laura. She has been working hard going back to school and getting her PA degree. She wants to be a Physicians Assistant. She had a rough young life but she has a good brain. She stopped partying and got serious in her studies. We have been watching her grow into an adult. She is the oldest of 4 and has to set the bar high. We are proud of her putting her brain and talents to get her degree. This is what she wants to do and she is doing it. I am sure after clinicals this groups will get smaller. But Laura is going to make it and that is what life is about. Getting to do what you love and the journey there. I am happy to see it unfold.

Oh Hail No!

Last night it was all wind, rain, hail, lightening and yes, tornadoes over our town. At 11:30 pm my device was altering me to tornado rotation over our town. We got up and went into the basement to wait it out. The wind was loud, the hail was hard, and the lightening was fierce. By midnight it was over and time for bed. This morning I found hail damage to the roof of my horse barn. The plastic skylights now have holes in them. But the horses were fine, the house, vehicles and livestock were fine. Today the winds picked up and the temperatures dropped. It is in the 40's and cold pelting rain. Yesterday was in the 70's. It is never boring in the Ozarks.