Saturday, January 2, 2021

Happy New Year 2021


Last year we had planned to be in Japan. But like everything else, plans changed and we stayed on the farm since February 2020. Since we both work from home we were used to that. Going out for church and supplies was not an option. We only went out for grocery pick up, dentist and yes, jury duty for me, ugh.
But we survived and have not gotten the virus yet. Several people at our church did and so far are ok. We did a first, church from home and continue to do so. And now we are dealing with doctor trips and that mean a lot of time in the truck. Our new updated plan to grow our own veggies on fabric worked too well. I was busy all year long putting up our pantry. It was a great project to do together, fabric, irrigation and fences. Very prolific growing year for us and no weeds. All grown from seeds I saved and dirt I had delivered.
My bold idea of making masks for everyone failed. No one wanted to wear them at our church nor in town, that was a big surprise, so I stopped sewing and donated the rest.
This year after we find out what is ailing my husband, we are planning to take a trip as I am sure the whole world is, too. Some beach, waves and water would be nice. Meanwhile I am planning on next years garden. Flowers, peppers, tomato, beans and fabric to keep out the weeds. 
I am working on beading and beadwork that I miss doing. I love all the colors bead provide on jewelry and embroidery. I will still do fiber restoration as projects arise. I need to make a new quilt for my husband. The one I made him 20 years ago is fraying and needs to be replaced. I have advanced my skills since then. The repairs of repairs can no longer be subjected to the water.

The virus is still a big problem in the Ozarks. People are still dying but life goes on. They still only wear masks in the big cities not out here. 
I hope 2021 goes better than 2020. I hope this time next year people will be thriving instead of getting sick. I hope to have been to the beach again :)

Silver and fur

Since it was cold and we needed a break we stayed indoors this new years eve. I rested with my two boys Melon and Frosty. This is Melon under the tinsel tree, it is a small tree and he is 18lbs.

This is a rare event as I hardly ever rest on the futon. My two big boys got lap time and fireplace heat.


Pepper re-Cap

All of these are the peppers I now have drying. For some reason this summer I planted a ton of pepper. I gave away a ton as well. And these hot peppers along with sweet and bell peppers.

Rows and rows of wire strung hot peppers. I plant to save the seeds and grind the rest into powder for spicy meals. I am looking to try adding more sweet ones this year.


Mild Fibrosis, now what?

 Just found out he has mild to moderate liver Fibrosis F2-F3. This is a  liver that gets hard and has scaring not due to disease, drugs nor drinking. The cause gluten intolerance to wheat.

This means as he ages (he is 46) his liver is vulnerable to damage and diseases. His gallbladder and pancreas are fine. Now we wait for what the doctors recommends. But I am not waiting. We are redoing our nutritional needs and taking out as much wheat as we can. This means a lot of backtracking and new foods to make at home. He is already feeling better as we have removed the wheat at home as much as possible.

Celiac maybe?

 Celiac disease is an immune disease in which people can't eat gluten because it will damage their small intestine. If you have celiac disease and eat foods with gluten, your immune system responds by damaging the small intestine. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley.

My husbands blood test came back with high Celiac markers. He still needs to have a colonoscopy but this has changed the game. Two weeks before his blood test we decided to stop breads, donuts, bisquets anything with wheat. And it worked. His pains stopped, his mood improved, he is more regular. We now need to see what damage was done by a year long wait not seeing a doctor about this during the pandemic. The first run of tests never showed this but one year later with a better group, he is seeing real test results. He has had the weight fluxuations, undigested foods, rashes, eczema, lethargy, moods and constant abdominal pains. 

And when you go to see the doctor, it has changed. For his scans, he goes in alone, I wait in the car, not allowed in the waiting room because of the virus. Not fun when it is 20 degrees outside. And it is a two hour drive to get to the doctors office. There are no local labs so lab work, two hour drive. Our friend had colon cancer (she is still with us) she had to drive 4 hours a day 5 days a week to get chemo for 8 months because her insurance would not pay for closer chemo to be administered. Her family took turns each day driving her. After the drive and the doctor, you might want lunch, but most places are take out. In winter this means pick up and eat in your car. Might be the normal for some but as a rule I never eat in my truck to avoid mice and ants. But I am willing to do this as we have no choice. We sometimes go to a park and that is nice.

So now we have the colonoscopy to see what is going on inside my husband. Liver, pancreas, gall bladder and intestines. We are hoping that by the right nutrition we can get him healthy again. He has always eaten healthy now just without wheat. 

Meanwhile I have covered our veggie gardens with plastic. Ordered new cloth again to put in next years plants. That took a lot of time to pull down the t-posts and cattle panels. But the deer were let in

to eat all the leftover plants. 

Friday, December 25, 2020


It has been a simple quiet Christmas for us this year. No one to visit only us and gifts sent out to friends and family. The farm still needs to be fed even in the 10 degree weather. Hay, horses, poultry and an older shepard. She wears a dog diaper when she is inside. It keeps my work a lot simpler to clean up after her. 
We also have an older cat that has her own room, heating pad and litter. She comes out during the day but is put in her room at night. She is a lot happier with that. The only downside is our guest room is occupied for a while. But as this is a pandemic, no guest have stayed.
But I have installed led and solar lights in our coop and kennel. Heating pads for the outside pets. Inside we have warmth and plenty of food.
We watched Christmas Mass on line for the first time ever -not going to church. It was strange but that is the motto of 2020.  We had some cooked ham and plain yams, a simple dinner. As December comes to a close I have jury duty, doctor appointments for my husband and an odd feeling things are not getting better in 2021. This has been the Lentiest year for us.
But I have prayer and hope and that should be enough but it is hard. Winter is a hard season for me. I am looking forward to springtime and getting into the garden again.


Friday, December 11, 2020

Papa Noel in Louisiana

One of the cool things about life in Louisiana. It does not get very cold and rarely snows and Papa Noel and his white flying alligators. This year Mardi Gras was cancelled because of Covid. But this statue  was set up way before the virus in Morgan City.

Just a neat well done thing I had to share.


Saturday, December 5, 2020

Are you Obtuse or Acute?

 If you want to know why people do NOT wear mask here is a good read from the Atlantic.

A very good read about how/why certain people do not wear a mask and will continue to be obtuse.

I posted this on facebook and have gotten a lot of response from both sides of the masking issue. And my observation is this is a great article to cull out the idiots in my life. I already knew who would, one of the perks of getting older, reading people.

Blue Bah Humbug?

This is not my cat but I can relate.. This is a 2020 Christmas cat. I had Jury duty (4 months)and still do until the end of this year, yay. We are driving to doctor appointments now to find out what my husband had going on. We have had no visitors and no travel plans for the entire year, we were going to Japan this year. But on the bright side, we had a bumper crop of vegetables, we got to stay home the farm, we both can work from home, our animals are healthy and it has been peaceful here. We have enough firewood chopped and stacked to get through the winter and we have enough hay for our horses as we slow feed them now. I had a quilt client whose husband lost his job and they have a large family. They could not pay the remainder of the balance due, but I let it go and sent the quilt. One less burden for them to bear. 
I have been working on other artistic endeavours and have not quilted for a while.
I have learned all about laser cutters, resin work, and LED illumination creations. So many unique new forms of art and technology out here these days. And you can watch how other makers thanks to internet and youtube. It is very exciting. I hope to master some of these new skills. 
So this year the has been quite the wild ride. I look forward to life without masks and getting close to humans again. I hope and pray people get healthier again.


De-Liver us

So 14 months ago something happened to my 47 year old husbands health. Overnight, his belly swelled up, he lost weight became tired and was very pale. Took him to the clinic multiple test and scans revealed normal but enlarged liver. Nothing was given and nothing was done, no referrals. Then the Covid arrived and we stayed away from hospitals. Then again the pain in the belly, lethargy, pale gums swollen belly trouble digesting or not even hungry started up worse. We got a referral from our vet, our horse vet,to see a DO versed in digestive issues. Test came back all normal but enlarged liver and elevated blood work. Finally got a referral sent to a specialist in Springfield, MO. We are waiting for that. It is December, virus is bad and hospitals are full. We have no choice he is not getting better. So, hopefully we will get an appt. sometime this year, maybe? Very frustrating dealing with an illness and no answers. Everything is a shot in the dark. But I am not giving up. 
I will be giving him milk thistle, pearl probiotics and see what works. The Lysine and the Essiac helped at first, but now seem not as potent. The DO seems to think it might be an food allergy or intolerance from a tick bite reaction back in 2019. My husband reacts badly to any chigger or tick bite. Just have to wait and see. I thought it might be cancer as this seems to be prevalent these days. He will need to be endoscoped to find out more. 
On thing of note here in the Ozarks they have a traveling doctor who endoscope several people at a time without anesthesia at the hospitals and clinics once a month. For this procedure you need to be asleep otherwise you risk movement and a tear and the procedure is very painful. People are being endoscoped here in the Ozarks for years now without being put under. Yes, really. We will be going into the city hospital for the right care and the right surgery.
I had some uterine scarring that had to be chemically burned from my uterus, no anesthesia was given to me, no numbing. It was the most horrible pain I have ever had. The nurse seemed to not care. She was very lucky I did not tear her head off as my husband was with me. Turns out I was supposed to have been numbed.  Ozark medical care- one step above veteran care.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Puff and whale

We got a chance to stop in our local art gallery/bakery this week. They sell locally made art and homemade goods for reasonable prices and the artist get 90% of the money from the gallery. It is called the neighborhood tribe gallery in Mountain View, MO.
They make the best soaps and scrubs and more. They also make bath bombs and other sweet seasonal bath delights. They sell mittens, stuffed toys, photos, jewelry, bowls, art you never know what they will have.
I bought gingerbread body scrub and I kid you not it was like bathing in a gingerbread house. Delightful and nothing artificial. Good enough to eat. Everything in make by local artists.
When I came home our cat inspected a hand crochet whale we bought. I love stuffed animals and especially sea life. It was just so nice to sit and take in the wonders of this store. Calm and peaceful and relaxing to shop. It is small but has a ton of seating, plants and things to see. And it is like this all year long.


Serbia the new Williamsburg

I read this article by the New York Post about new yorkers moving out of the US and to Serbia. I feel sad for the poor Serbians. They have to wear masks and live with the New Yorkers. Now the rest of the world can have more reason to not like Americans. The Yorkers are happy they do not have to wear masks and how cheap everything is in Serbia. They are calling it the Williamsburg of NY. I wonder if they will shoot the slow horse buggies over there like they do to the Amish in PA? But with all the crime and violence they have in Serbia I think things will even out with the new money moving into Serbia.

The "welcome to Serbia stick"

Seems our world is changing in ways I never would have imagined.
Meanwhile over here in Missouri the virus is raging. Hospitals are full and with the holiday seasons beginning things are going to get messy. But Missourians are dead set against mask wearing. Our town is proof of that. It is so bad here that the big MO city hospitals are no longer taking any patients from rural areas as we are 75% of the covid carrying cases they see. Our small church no one is wearing masks and they are carrying on as normal. At least 4 people out of 20 got the virus last month from our church. Yet they want to still carry on full steam ahead like normal. I am grateful I am married to a man who thinks hey we need to stay away from these situations. I do miss church and all that but I am not willing to chase the past. I hope people would come around and say hey I might need to wear a mask and not sicken my loved ones, but that is not happening. Everyone seems to just not care and wants to live their life unchanged.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Pfizer me, no Pfizer you!

So Pfizer pushed the virus vaccine out faster than shit out of a duck. This means it was not tested as it should have been. What are the side effects? What are the reactions? 
We do know that it is only good for a short time. You can still get reinfected.
I know some people want life to return to normal ASAP, but what part of pandemic do they not understand?

This means humans could have reactions or lifelong health issues using this vaccine. Does this mean it turns people into zombies hardly, but it is 2020 so who knows.

What I have learned that many families have lost jobs, school time and family members. Everyone has been affected by this virus in some way. Either from lack of TP, mask rashes, lost income, lost loves, and lack of human contact. We have heard so many stories that will never make the news. I'm a glad we live out in the woods away from people. But our friends and family live in big cities and have to deal with this new normal more than we do. Between the violent politics and the health issues our country seems to be falling under the bus.  
It is sad we can't all put on our big person undies and help each other instead of fighting. 
But if we each try to do some small good each day; we can make the country a bit better.