Sunday, May 5, 2019

Praise for them Springing...

Back from vacation and everything is in bloom. All the heavy spring flooding rains and this is the result, flowers abound.Iris remind me of Metarie, Louisiana. The old New Orleans gardens in the old part of town before hurricanes and urbanization destroyed them.

My iris gathered and given to me over the years have settled in and taken over my beds. Can't beat their scent coming in open screened windows.

Our apple trees in bloom- the deer will be happy and full this fall.

Clematis growing huge blooms in spite of my moving it several times.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Best Sunscreen Stick Ever! I kid you not!

We both used this for all 7 days of our vacation to the Universal Studios and the beach. This stick is the best protection from sunburn. We put on our arms, face, neck and legs and no burn after 12 hours a day for 7 days of all outside activity. It is TSA friendly, small enough for a small purse, is invisible on your skin, no scent and not sticky and it works. This is all I am ever going to use from now on.

Once in a decade VACATION!

We flew to Orlando to do Universal Studios Theme Parks last week. A friend watched our farm all week long so we did not have to worry. Only 1 hen was DOA along with 7 armadillo, but our ark was fine.

After 2 days of Harry Potter rides and all that Universal had to offer, we hit the beaches and Winter Park scene in Florida. Have to say that Universal beats the crap out of Disney. Universal Studios is cleaner, nicest workers ever, no trash, lots of food options, easy to get to and clean bathrooms, wonderful rides, well organized handicap friendly, easy parking. You will have to walk a lot but they make it fun. Highly recommend the Express passes worth the money and no waiting.

We hit the New Smyrna area Cape Canaveral National Seashore and marine science center. The National Seashore is clothing optional. Which is wonderful! There are no buildings, no bars, just you and the sea and sand. No kids! It was the most wonderfully quiet beach. There were dunes, snakes, armadillo, turtles, pelicans and a handful of humans. 

Husband at the raptor rescue in N. Smyrna.

Lighthouse at Ponce Leon.

Love these restored lenses.

Cape Canaveral National Seashore. No noise, no buildings, no clothing, just you and the sand and sea. The best beach ever for us.

After a full day of beach we tracked back to JB's Fish Camp restaurant in N. Smyna. The best damn seafood ever! The Rock Cakes are over the top along with the catch of the day. Very nice staff has been there since 1979 and been rebuilt several times.

This is what we saw after the sunset at JB's a pod of dolphins.

The last day we went to Winter Park to the Morse Museum to see the Tiffany exhibit. This is what I truly loved seeing. Lots of guards but you can get very close to the exhibits.

From the Tiffany Chapel- my favorite!

"Knock and it shall be opened unto thee"- puzzle door on the entrance to the chapel. 

The the Winter Park - Park Avenue shopping. Was not all that hot. Most of the shops were out of business. What was open was one trick pony overprices stuff. I think Winter Park used to be a grand place but it is in the decline. All retired snowbirds from NY, RI and NJ- not very nice tourist there. But I did meet a trio of happy bookies at the Briarpatch cafe. There was a wonderful Italian eatery there called Pannullo's that is very good. Get the red wine olives appetizer and the meatballs pasta dish. You will thank me. All the rest of the shops were old expensive or closed. One bakery only sold one kinds of puff pastry in about 12 flavors. But there was a newish Spice and Tea Shop worth stopping in. Here you can find truffle salt, ginger tea, organic spices, unique tea blends and the best lemonade ever.  We took our lemonades down to the Rose Garden. That was the best!

Roses and Gardenia garden in Winter Park. I spent an hour sniffing every rose and flower there.

Gardenia Tree!

Bamboo Botanical Gardens were the last place before we headed for the airport. We love bamboo! 

Friday, April 5, 2019

Restoration is my Vocation

 I guess when spring arrives it is time for renewal. For me it means going over the many projects that have crossed my desk in between foster kittens, missing persons, farming and quilting. Restoration is a joy for me. It is like finding what is broken or missing in a puzzle. And then making it whole again after making new pieces.


 a precious gift from a lost friend

lost beads

making them strong again

restoring the beaten and neglected

restoring a happy memory again

face lifts for the forgotten heirloom

Yup this is what I do in between farming, quilting, raising animals and life in the Ozarks. It is so nice to put something beautiful back into someones life again.