Wednesday, August 16, 2017

August Foster Kitten

Yesterday a friend posted on facebook she needed help. A kitten was found in the walls of an office, mama cat moved the kittens, this one was left behind. Three days had passed and the mama never came back for this kitten.

So I called her and picked up the orphan. We no longer have a shelter in our county, it closed. I still have all the supplies and the rescuer gave me fresh KMR. The kitten survived the night and feedings every 2-3 hours. It has teeth emerging and will soon be eating solid food. Looks to be a tiny 3 week old or so. 

My own cats are not liking this new house guest. They will have none of it. Even though most of there were this tiny and orphaned once. I will put this kitten up for adoption in October. If it has long hair it has a home waiting for it from its rescuer. If it is a short hair I will find it a new home. Either way it has a safe place to grow up in.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Auberginie and Beanie Firsties

This is my eggplant that I grew in my greenhouse. This is one of 10 eggplants I have growing in there. I tried growing them outside but every bug for miles loves to eat the leaves. So this year I started and re-potted the large plants in my greenhouse. The Blue Lake green beans are also a first for me. These are the short bush variety. They grow fast in 50 days and they have beans like crazy. I have to bend and squat to pick them but it is so worth it. Each bean pumps out up to 30 pods each for weeks - in a drought. I gathered 4 bushels of beans in a very small 10ft x 4ft growing area. And they are stringless and sweet! I harvested, washed and cooked them for the first time. Wow so wonderful. I will be planting these for years to come. I will be planting them for fall as well.

Flying Fates

I found this crispy brown bat near a water tank.

This tiny female did not make it to the tank. Something else ended her life, might have been the drought.

The good news no white nose issues.

I like these bats as they eat a ton of mosquitoes around the farm.

This is the aftermath of a hawk attack on one of my young roosters. The hawk plucked the rooster then flew off with it.

Luckily I have many young roosters and this is one less I have to deal with. I was given several chicks that were all roosters. Hawks are one thing my dogs can't go after. Free range poultry are at the mercy of predators at their own risk.

Buzzy August

My dehydrated Italian tomatoes. Very sweet tasting all winter long.

Alan in shorts and bee jacket. The bees love him so.

Putting in the cleaned sugar tanks in both hives.

Our hives are only 4 month of age. We will be letting them keep all their honey so they can make it through winter.

My August harvest. Spent green beans, onions and potatoes! 

I had forgotten about there until I tilled today. This was the first time I was able to get onions not to rot in the ground.

Drying out for seed saving

My first time growing tomatillo. They need lots of room to spread and need wind and bugs to pollinate. Very excited about these and salsa making.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Frozen Snake Games

My husband knows I like snakes. He called me to look at one that would not move.

See, frozen snake, did not budge once.

His whole 3 foot of him.

My camera case did not phase him. Just a black snake looking for bugs and mice.

A peas me.

Here was the last of 9 lbs of sugar peas I planted from seeds - old seeds I had. We have been eating them pod and all until last week.  I saved some for fall planting. I shelled the hard dry ones for later. It was easy to grow these and the bees love the flowers. These peas will become a regular planting from now on. Still on the fence with my sweet corn battle. I have grown corn for 4 years. This is the first year with bees. I hope they pollinate this time.

July Veggie and Flowers

My pears thriving in this heat.

My winter squash


Casablanca Lily


My june bug patrol

Blue cornflowers


my zucchini

My 3rd  group of orphan ducklings. One day I hope my broody ducks will be good mothers. These hatched by mistake under a broody chicken and they were pushed out of the nest. I took them from the coop and into a brooder box until they can be fostered by an old mama duck. Lots of work but they grow up fast and are better for it.

Friday, June 16, 2017

My June Veggie Garden

With the purchase of a tiller I put it to work. I tilled 3 times and added farm compost to the rocky soil.

Very easy Dahlias.

Mammoth sunflower for the bees and birds.

This I am proud of making myself. A composter out of old feed tubs. Using scraps and a drill I made this. It is full of weeds, kitchen scraps, paper and the like. It is right next to where I need it, the garden. I think I will make a 2nd one for the horse veggie garden.

Pumpkins and rubber snakes

Green beans and Zucchini.


My lettuce is covered to save on sun and water. Lettuce does not like heat and hot sun.
This is one of three mixed lettuce beds.

More bush green beans

beans and tomatoes

my cabbage patch

cedar chips to keep away the moths.

Dill grown from seed for my first time. Very pleased!

more green beans

my red dahlias.

Thyme came with the house.

Cotton keeping watch

My first veggie harvest, sugar peas