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Woodland Quilt Top

I have finally got this baby woodland quilt top done. But not before adding some bees. I have appliqued bees before so easy peezy, right?

Nope, I go and have to make an all new kind of bee. One with 3D wings, washable and made of tulle.

After a few experiments I got good workable wings.

Now to add the bees to the quilt top.

I made a very tactile baby quilt. I have no idea if the child is autistic. But I know kids love to touch things. So a washable touchable quilt top is made.

Sewed a ton.
More applique

Yes that is real fun fur on a quilt.

The turtle legs are floppy.

I love this batik fern fabric. 
Here is the whole quilt top before squaring up.
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Wasted Hay

I pulled this photo of an equine round bale hay net offered for sale. It is a great idea if you have horses and have watched what they do with a round bale. They pick out what they want and pee and poop on the rest of it. So much is wasted and lost by these beasts. So I looked on line for one of these nets. Oh my they want almost $200 for just one of these. That is almost a third of the cost of what I buy hay for. Not a solution I can afford. But after I hunted a bit I did find a better idea. You can buy old fishing heavy duty nets that have been cleaned and sold for decorations. These come in several sizes and various conditions. I needed at least a two inch wide squares with heavy duty un-chewable weight to keep the net bite proof and usable. If you go to ebay you can find several vendors selling these nets. With a bit of paracord or rope I can sew up one of these around our bales. So for under $50 you can get a strong net and wrap the hay. Another option is to buy old nylon webbin…

The return of winter

As with the rest of the nation severe winter and below zero temperatures came this week.
One of the dormant gardens resting under the snow and ice.
Resting sugar maple
Our pond is solid and in motion as it is spring fed.
Poppy walked across our pond as he always does every time it freezes.
Poppy on a rock watching and waiting.
Poppy proof
It has been very dry and not much snow. Even this light dusting was dry like sand.
Osa on patrol for hungry coyote and larger predators. My pack has thick winter coats that protect them. But with this below zero temps they have to come in at night until it gets above freezing again. 
I love this photo of Poppy on the thyme. The textures of his coat, the plants and the ice. Poppy loves to nap on this pungent herb even when it is frozen. He always smells of dog and thyme.

Do I Chennai?

Once in a while I get asked to find something or someone that is missing. It is a bit of armchair detective work I do to keep up my skills. I was contacted via facebook from a former priest who lived in Missouri for a few years them moved back to Chennai,India to continue his mission work. He served our parish and was known to me. He bought a US cell phone that was promptly stolen from him in India. Since he was now out of the country tracking this phone information down would be impossible. He needed the phones original imei number and with that would be able to track his phone. The problem is he no longer had the receipt as it was long disposed of in his move. He told me he had purchased the phone in St. Louis area from a Best Buy (there are about 6). I called two and the second store person in mobile services was able to tell me what I needed to track down this number. I needed the original credit card number, date of purchase, etc, used and they would have a copy of that receipt.…

Pie in the Sky

I have been practicing baking tasty treats as there are no bakeries near us. I have been making portable treats as we share with friends both hither and yon.
I am making tart-lets with handmade crust and fillings. They bake fast and are more manageable in transport.
Baked just like regular pies, bake the crust for 10 minutes then fill, cap and bake for another 30 minutes.

Egg wash the star caps and add sugar

I made about 26 of them and all were eaten and adored by the lucky recipients. I am not a fan of cherry pies so I will have to make others that I do enjoy. Will have to try lemon custard or apple for my next attempt. These are my 2nd result following pumpkin tart-lets from November. So nice making treats from fruits I have grown on my farm.

Rockin Rolly Polly

With the ice and cold my cats have been a bit pent up. So we let them run amok on the farm to get their wiggles out. Puff is taking a stroll on the deck.
You called?
Frosty living up to his name playing in the icy grass.
Pretty much runs sideways like this the entire time.
Puff and Frosty 

Poor persimmon tree sapling cannot withstand this much attention.
True photo of just how long Frosty is. Long ears, tail, body and legs and super short coat.
Frosty finally came inside for a name and warm up.
Melon and Frosty holding down the tablecloth and recipes.

2017 Lessons Learned

This year I worked like a dog for 3 growing seasons. I had a tiller, thin soil and a mission to grow the foods we love to eat and enjoy. I planted my pumpkins a bit too early but they did great. I planted 3 veggie gardens and 2 flower beds. I had to sacrifice the flower beds after the drought and watering became too much for me. But we had food and have food, thanks to all this hard work.
I only fostered one kitten this year and kept him. Frosty has made our farm his home.
Even though we had a bad drought we had colors for fall.
My girls do their job well protecting the poultry.
I was thrown a surprise birthday party by my friends and husband.
I had the best birthday cake ever made by my friend.
Our Magnolia tree got taller.

I got to work on bone assembly. So love doing this.

We were cut off since all the roads were under water or washed away.
The Spring brought torrential floods and we lost our roads and bridges.
The rains gave us roses and flowers.
Happiest garden ever with tilling…