Friday, November 12, 2010

Halter Lessons

Ah the joys of learning to be a good horse. Learning how to stay in one place for a while. Maple and Bean are doing well in learning this new part of horse training.


I was weeding our garden when I discovered we had yams. I had forgotten about them over the busy summer, even neglected them. They doubled their numbers from the original plantings. Some were eaten through by a mean vole. Poppy flushed it out and did his farm cat duty. The yams were very sweet and tasty to eat. I will plant more next year!

The Longhorn Saddle

We finally bought a saddle for our horses. It is a vintage longhorn roping saddle made in the 1950's. It is in good shape with new fleece padding. I took a photo of the original owner of the saddle, Roy. He heard I was looking for a good saddle and offered me his. He is the one and only owner of this saddle; he roped cows in this saddle. And the saddle does not budge even with a filly pulling away from the horn. It is a great saddle for ponying around haltered baby horses. with their dams.