Thursday, March 13, 2014

Over the Hump

This was my Wednesday this past week. Got up at 7 to feed the farm, water the farm, load up the 2 boy rabbits to be fixed.Drove to the vets then the feed store to pick up fencing. 

Saw the neighbor painting his RV, reminded him about vet farm call at 3pm. 

The vet called early and was headed my way. Could I reach my neighbor to remind about his appointment? I was able to get my horse haltered and tied to the tree. Here is my 3 year old gelding waiting to have his teeth floated. He was not happy to be tied up but I was too busy to care. The vet came and we floated his teeth. I held Bean's head and the vet filed away.The sharp points were filed down so the horse could eat without wasting his grain.

Next I went to my neighbors to be there if he needed help with his cows. 

The vet was going to pregnancy check part of his herd.

Learned about cow chutes and how cows can choke in a chute.

All survived and no one was hurt. I went back home to clean the horse mouth blood off my gloves. Our vet was kind enough to bring our rabbits with him. Both boys are calmer and more relaxed now. I made a chick brooder box for incoming chicks.After this I was able to do indoor chores, cook dinner and a friend's son came over to get tutored in math. We finally had dinner at 9pm and then called it a day.

Can You Dig it?

We decided this was the last winter for us to run water hose and electric cords to the coop and horses.
We are having the lines dug and run to the coop.

The trenching was a gift in trade with a neighbor who has a backhoe. He is kind enough to dig where told by our contractor.

It took most of the day to do most of the trench digging. I was busy doing chores inside and outside. It was a perfect sunny day to do outdoor things.

Took three men to trench out the earth. We found huge earthworms and some old bricks. On Friday they should have most of the digging done and then the PVC, wire and water get put in. Yes, it will be nice to have water and power nearby.