Friday, September 12, 2014

And then there was one

Yesterday we delivered the last three tabby foster kittens to the shelter that gave them to us as babies. They are now healthy three month old young adult kittens. They are ready to be adopted. The only sad part is that our local no kill shelter is full of kittens and cats at this time.If you are wanting some wonderful adult cats or kittens our shelter is a great place to meet them.

This is Skull Face the last foster kitten in our care. We gave it this name as it was in poor condition and only a head with eyes when we got it. This tiny kitten can fit in your hand at two months of age. Ringworm and parasite ridden kitten bodies cannot thrive and grow. Her sibling did thrive with TLC and has been adopted. In time she will grow up and get a new home and a new name. But for now she is just Skull Face.