Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tea, cat and seeds.

With all this July heat I am able to make sun tea on my deck. I savor the tasty sun tea. My cat Poppy, has lost his winter fat and is a lean can once again. Summer heat means my collards have gone to seed. I am winnowing off seeds from their husks. Busy as always in the summer.

Busiest July Ever!

This July has been the busiest month for me ever. My late start gardens are now ready for harvest. What happens when you plant 10 green beans? You get green bean monsoon. And I will never plant 10 zucchini plants this close again. I have a zucchini forest that I crawl into to harvest in. I have cabbages, cucumbers,corn, beans, tomatoes,squash, potatoes and yams all waiting on me. But I also have several neighbors who enjoy the bounty from my garden. I have never worked so long in my garden before. From 8-12 lunch, then wait for the afternoon heat to pass 4-8, put up poultry at 9 (over 70+) then dinner. A farmer never gets rest this time of the year. Then I am planting my fall crops. I am always covered in straw and DE powder. And it is almost August now. Things are looking like an early fall with blooming morning glories and rampant copperheads. The rains have come and everything is green and growing. It has been such a productive summer. I thank the Lord for all this wonderful food. And I am happy to share with my friends.