Friday, November 18, 2011

Aluminum Skies

Ah yes, this weekend rain is predicted. Therefore the planes must fly high above and dump their chemicals into my atmosphere. Monsanto hopes to spread aluminum all over the farm lands of the world seeding the soil and water for their aluminum tolerant GMO seeds. They do this right before rain is predicted in an area so the aluminum can fall into the soil along with rain. No point doing this on a clear day, might blow the stuff around someplace else! Might be a waste of say, money? No matter, our government is paying the bill to fly these unregistered false numbered military planes all over the world to make Monsanto happy. Because if Monsanto ain't happy then Arthur Andersen LLP is not doing its job. Or Accenture, or Andersen Worldwide, or whatever happy "A" related moniker you want to give them. You know you have arrived as an evil company when you have Gates Foundation, Authur Andersen and our military working overtime to please your company.
So this Christmas I am saving money not buying tinsel for my tree. I am just going to put my tree outside before storms come and let the aluminum fall onto its branches. Voila! Instant metal tree with all the toxic trimmings. Thanks Monsato, keep up the good work and don't forget collect my 15 cent tax on my tree, too. Wouldn't want you to lose a few rusty nickels.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Coco Warmer

In the cold mornings Coco seeks what all cats seek, a warm computer to snooze on.

Horse Bale Holder

Last year we bought a PVC bale holder for our horses. The problem was that it was for cattle and not made for horses. Our gang rubbed their manes off trying to get to the hay. So we bought a skirted red metal tombstone bale feeder for horses. The feeder has loops over the sides to keep their necks free. Now they can't pull out and waste the hay nor rub their manes. We hope this makes the hay last a bit longer, too.

Bale Spike

When you get round bales delivered on the farm, you have to have a way to get them off the truck. For this you need a front end bale spike to lift the high one ton bale and move it. You can't do that with a 3 point spike in the back of the tractor. Our tractor is only equipped with the rear spike. So we went and bought a quick connect front end spike. This fits on our neighbors tractor.
We tested it on some bales we already had before the bale delivery. It worked and we were all set to get bales moved fro high places. Eventually, we are going to turn our tractor into a quick connect on the front. But for now we just swap tractors with our neighbors as needed.

Winter Bales

We were needing several more bales of hay for our horses this winter. We called around and most hay farmers had sold their hay to Texas or other states. By word of mouth we found a farmer willing to sell us some hay since we were locals and not out of state hay merchants. He let us inspect the pastures and the bales before and after delivery. He also gave my husband instructions on how to safely remove round bales from his truck trailer. And how to avoid dropping a one ton bale over our neighbors borrowed tractor cab. While the bales got unloaded I got to know the farmer. He is very aware of current events, politics and farmer vs. conservationist laws. He is involved in both hunter and farmer groups as both are part of living off the land in Missouri. I could have talked all day long to this farmer. But the sun was setting and the bales had to be moved into storage. Maybe next season I will get to visit with him again.