Friday, September 15, 2017


Over the weekend we stopped at a huge yard sale of a friend. They go to auctions and buy up what is not sold. So a lot of chairs, file cabinets, desks and electronics. I tried many of the office chairs they had outside. I have my husbands old one and it was not floating my boat. This one came with tools under the seat and was easy to take apart. The wheels and stuffing were good and it had no weird smells from storage.

There was a large one with red peeling vinyl that was in good shape but needed re-upholstering. I have a huge stash of car upholstery scraps I picked up for free years ago. I had been using the scraps for wrapping antique furniture we ship.

This time I culled the tan and brown scraps and sewed them up for a new seat and back for the chair. I had to use corn starch to slip the new fabric over the old vinyl. I them used teddy bear faux fur for the arm rests- luxurious! So now I have a nice new to me comfy office chair that matches my used rug. I love the color and the textures of the fabrics. It is like sitting on a giant teddy bear. Every office chair should be this fun to sit in.

Foster Kitten at 7 weeks

Our tiny orphan silver tabby male is growing fast. 

He gets his first kitten shots next week. Soon I will find him a new home.

He is off the bottles and now eating solid foods.

We do not name our foster kittens so we do not get too attached. Or if we do we call them awful nicknames- this one is Nutsack. It makes it easier to give them new homes.