Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hobble Horse

Our trainer taught our horses to be hobbled. He also showed us how to use them to mow the lawn. My husband is leading Maple and hobbling her on our front lawn a.k.a. pasture.

She is so busy munching she does not notice the hobbles.

Even hobbled Maple can run backwards on two legs faster than I can run.

Very happy horse.

Goat Gardening

Since we had a late winter here in the Ozarks and I forgot to put down a weed block, I had weeds in my garden. I decided to borrow my neighbors goats to let them eat their fill. The hard part? Getting the goats to walk away from the herd. We put them in a UTV and drove them to my garden. After a bit they ate everything except my mint. And the goats fertilized as well. It was worth the effort. What I learned is that we  would have better luck using our own hand raised goat. These guys missed their herd. We are planning on raising a milk goat or two. They are fun to have around on the farm. They are great lawn mowers. Down side is that they eat everything, yes, even your flowers. So protect the stuff you do not want eaten and weed that yourself. Everything else is fair game.

Older nanny goats no longer productive but can still eat.