Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A chicken a day

No, this is not a chicken. But I had to title something for my blog. Yes, my dogs get an armadillo a day sometimes. But this week it has been a chicken a day dying. First was a bantam hen, another hen stomped her and she never recovered and died on Sunday. On Monday my blind rooster did not return to the coop at night. Next day my shepherds brought his corpse to the back door. They are trained to not kill poultry. Owl attacked the rooster, head was missing. Last night my husband put up the chickens and this morning a red hen was dead by the back door. Could not find cause of death for this hen, no sign of missing feathers. And this morning there is a large predatory mountain lion nearby. So my farm is on high alert and on edge.I could use a break on all the chicken deaths.