Thursday, January 23, 2014

Redheaded Snow Pup

This is my neighbors red border collie from a few weeks ago. We were visiting their farm as the sun started to set and their dog wanted to play fetch. Always wants to play fetch. And more fetch while she is waiting for more... fetch.

Truly a happy high energy breed.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Goodbye Goldfish

Ever since we brought home my blue grey double tail goldfish, she has had issues. She is in the back of this photo behind the orange goldfish and gold/silver koi . She ballooned abnormally and was unable to keep level in the tank. She stopped eating and got fatter. Yesterday, she just looked bad and finally she just ceased to function. She was not wasted, but given to my chickens as a tasty winter snack. The ground was too frozen to put her under the ground. Meanwhile, the rest of the school is doing very well in the tank.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Hollow in Winter

There is a hallow near us that has clear water and abundant trees.

It is very peaceful in the cold hallow. It will be fun to swim in when summer arrives. 
The water will still be cold but worth it.

My husband and hiking partner. 

Winter Farming Chores

Farm work never ends even in the cold of winter. We planted several Osage oranges along our fence line. The help them thrive they need sunlight. And we had several saplings blocking the sun. So this past week we had a few hours of daylight left for logging.
Many of these weed trees were growing into the fence wire.

We saved the thicker logs to season for next years wood stove fodder.

When we were almost done for the evening but we had a stubborn Sycamore tree to 
remove from the side of our garage. It has been growing quickly and needed to go. We put a chain on it from our tractor and nothing happened. The tree would not budge. We will have to remove it by hand on a very wet day. I will try to root the cuttings to have the tree grow on another part of our property. Some view these as trash trees. But I love the big leaves and the white bark and the sound the winds make in its canopy.