Monday, February 8, 2016

Oh Mr Finch

Mr. Finch is a gifted textile artist. Who does not love a giant fuzzy bumblebee?
You can go to his website:  
The photos take my breath away.

New Year Overload

Wow, I have been too busy to do anything productive. Life on the farm is great, but fences always need doing. We have had a mild winter until this week. Snow falls and the cold returns. My hens are broody and trying to hatch. One lone chick hatched in the freezing coop, so it is now inside my house. Have been so busy planning the garden, doing church stuff and visiting friends. My endeavor into sales finding it lacking and was not my forte. Back to what I love, creating and sewing. Now to rearrange my craft room back into the sewing and tack room it was before. New fabrics, new sewing machine and new friends who sew. And my Melon always in the middle of everything.