Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Frozen Snake Games

My husband knows I like snakes. He called me to look at one that would not move.

See, frozen snake, did not budge once.

His whole 3 foot of him.

My camera case did not phase him. Just a black snake looking for bugs and mice.

A peas me.

Here was the last of 9 lbs of sugar peas I planted from seeds - old seeds I had. We have been eating them pod and all until last week.  I saved some for fall planting. I shelled the hard dry ones for later. It was easy to grow these and the bees love the flowers. These peas will become a regular planting from now on. Still on the fence with my sweet corn battle. I have grown corn for 4 years. This is the first year with bees. I hope they pollinate this time.

July Veggie and Flowers

My pears thriving in this heat.

My winter squash


Casablanca Lily


My june bug patrol

Blue cornflowers


my zucchini

My 3rd  group of orphan ducklings. One day I hope my broody ducks will be good mothers. These hatched by mistake under a broody chicken and they were pushed out of the nest. I took them from the coop and into a brooder box until they can be fostered by an old mama duck. Lots of work but they grow up fast and are better for it.