Friday, April 11, 2014

Little Green House on the Prairie

We bought this greenhouse over 2 years ago and it sat waiting to be installed.
Finally, we put in a stone foundation and ran electricity to the pad.
Next was dragging it up and onto the pad.

The pad is full of hand gathered stones and gravel.

Pulling the chains

Getting the house up and over

Pulling slowly

Setting in the post so wind does not tip it over. 

My husband brings my vintage Lucite grape lamp for installation into the greenhouse. He found this for me and I loved it, but could not find a spot in the house for it. But for the greenhouse, it is perfect.

All wired in for a night show.

After a busy day, a good night.

All's Well that Ends Well

This week has been very busy on the farm. Along with planting crops we have had our well recapped. We help our contractor to save on labor cost. But to finish the well cap he only had Osa, our shepherd, to supervise.

Custom welded cap oriented to the true directions of the compass.

Cutting in the stone to hold the metal cap.

Grouting and sealing

View from the deck. All the original stones have been moved to other parts of the farm.
Good soil and grass seed are next.

Signed, dated and the depth recorded for posterity.
The original hand dug well is still usable and is now safe.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rain and Turkey

A very ominous cloud formation last week. Heavy rains washed away my seeds and I have to replant.

No tornado just dark clouds and some hail. It has been a rainy and cold spring this year.

My constant outdoor companions in my pasture.