Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Truck Me Up

A few weeks ago my husband and I drove to Salem, MO to an unusual auction. The park service was auctioning off their used vehicles, loaders, boats and UTV's. In the pouring rain we and about 200 other people looked over used equipment before the sale. We looked over the truck briefly then focused on the UTV's and the brush hogs. But I kept wanting to look over the trucks. They might go for cheap in this rain storm. So we looked them over and I realized that this is what I need, a truck. They had a handful that met my needs, automatic, big tires, cloth seats, in ok condition and can handle snow and rain. My 1990 Volvo is not good in floods and icy roads, but a 4x4 is. So we ran through the trucks and saw they were selling for a song. We were outbid on another then this one was the 2nd to last truck under a ton. We won it for a good price and I got to drive it home. My new/used  grey Chevy Silverado, 4x4, 1/2 ton, automatic, no frills farm truck. My first truck ever!

It has a big bed for farm feed. I just need to add some bling to the outside. Like mudflaps.

Good back seat for my German Shepherds, groceries and saddles.

I like the grey interior/exterior as it won't show dirt. So now my husband drives the one ton and I get to drive the 1/2 ton. Life is good.

All the Pretty Flowers

Recently, I went to the local greenhouse to look for some bedding plants. Since it is a local grower, I had more variety to choose from than a "mega-mart type" greenhouse. Such beauty abounds the eyes and the nose. Hanging plants, veggies, bedding plants, unique cacti and more were all home grown and for sale.

Too many to choose from!

By buying local I kept the business nearby happy instead of feeding the commercial mega mart. Plus the owner of the greenhouse was very knowledgeable about the plants he grew. Try getting that from an impersonal mega mart.