Friday, January 17, 2014

Blue Bunny

This is Larry, a female bunny. She is shy and my husband 
was handling her to get her more friendly.

Rabbits relax in this position. But is not good for long term. 
We were checking her teeth and nails.
So cute and relaxed.

Looking at her very large feet.

Getting good reception with the bunny ears. 
She spend the next hour in his lap while he worked. 
Larry is a soft sweet and quiet little girl.

Septic Story

This cold week we needed septic service. After 14 years of never having it 
pumped out the system needed it. Our 1,000 gallon cement tank needed to be located 
and unearthed. B&B was able to locate and uncover it fast.

The wax seal held fast and had to be worked open.

We will need to install a riser so the tank will not have to be dug up again. But time and weather was a factor and will have to wait until the springtime.

Pumping underway.

The truck was moved to get better feed. 
We were on the north side of the house and it was bitterly cold.

When finished these guys smoothed out the dirt and filled in the ruts in the yard. 
They were very skilled on the tractor.

Smoothing out the ruts in the driveway. 
They were fast, hardworking and friendly even in the bitter cold outside. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Subaru and Sow

This week has been a challenge. Our Subaru has been overheating and needs some TLC. So we borrowed our neighbors trailer and loaded it up. It took a few tries to make sure the strapping would hold. 

The place we took the car also raises pigs. It was neat to see a sow and her piglets.

Here is the boar. He liked his snout to be scratched. I did this while my husband unloaded the car. The sun was setting behind a very steep muddy hill to the repair shop in the middle of fields. It was a very busy shop but if all goes well, our car will be usable again.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Day

The photo of Larry the bunny has no relationship to my entry, it is just plain cute. Today, my husband drove me to the OB clinic that is 2 hours away. I was there to have another granulation procedure done to remove scare tissue after my hysterectomy. The last procedure was very painful and I suffered after the event. I took pain pills before going this time. But after getting a look the OB nurse exclaimed she could no longer see any more granulation. She look and prodded and the scar tissue was all gone. I 'd like to thank all my friends and God for helping me with this problem and pain. I am so glad this burden has passed. Now I can get going without pain as a constant companion.