Thursday, May 8, 2014

Junior's Hens

This is our three year old rooster Junior. He is a leghorn/game rooster mix we raised ourselves. He takes great care of his hens and tolerates other roosters. His offspring have his long legs and smarts. We cull some of his sons that are too aggressive from the game bird side. Since he is getting older we are now raising some Welsummer roosters in his place.

Junior will never be culled but kept on until he dies of old age.

Some of Juniors hens after mowing the yard.

Zilla keeps watch over the poultry.

Headed back to the barn.

Blind Melon

Our orphan kitten has been named Melon. Since he has a ball shaped belly and tiny legs and head. He is about 4 weeks old now.

Melon is finally off of bottle feeding and is into tuna and kitten chow.

He still forgets about the no more bottle feeding and has to be shown the food bowl and litter pan. 
He also matches my toe socks.

We noticed he can hear and smell well, but his vision is slow coming along. It might be from his early starvation behind the walls where we found him. He also has a weak right back leg. This is not stopping him in the least.

Meeting with the dogs.

He has no fear of our other cats in the least.They hiss and growl and he keeps coming back for more. He is becoming a very hardy Missouri cat.

The Melon shape.

Sunlight and wind breezes

Meeting the dogs outside-no fear.

Trotting to the house following the scents.

Ready to go home.