Friday, February 7, 2014

Keyboarded Bunny

This is my old keyboard,a gift from my husband. I played it but never cared for the electronic sound. Since we now have the Knabe upright in working order,this needed a new home. I would have donated it to a school, but sadly most no longer have music programs nor bands. We found where musicians hang out and play at Mojo Monkey Cafe in Houston, Missouri. Musicians of all types hang out there to eat, visit,surf the internet and play music. It is a great place for coffee and food. And they were in need of some instruments. So we brought my keyboard  and it was happily added to the set. It will get used instead of collecting dust in my room. 

This is chicken housing for poultry at the feed store. We are looking at this as an option for our bunny rabbits. Larger and mobile is our goal and predator proof. A bunny tractor for the yard. This way the bunnies get fresh grass, sunlight and room to run and we get free fertilizer. They still will be brought inside our house at night. We have night predators that could wear this hutch like a hat.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wooden Indoor Trees

Here are some rail road ties we priced. They are asking $8.25 each for 8 ft ties. Still looking around. We need these for around our greenhouse.

Here is part of my indoor forest. A dwarf magnolia and a large kumquat with fruit. All are waiting for winter to end and my greenhouse to be usable. My goal this year is to use my greenhouse instead of the inside of my house.

Frozen February

Here is the view I have had all winter. Cold, snow and ice everywhere. So glad we have wood heat.

Zilla roasting against the glass door. It is very warm here as it gets full sun.

You want me to move so you can open the door?-Zilla

Osa and Zilla taking a melting nap on deck. This after spending the entire night asleep inside the house next to the fireplace.

Gasland 2

Since I was not feeling well and had some time my husband and I watched Gasland part 2. It is about how pervasive fracking now is in the USA and the world now. Am I worried? Yes, I have family that live in PA, and CA and friends all over the world. Fracking is now in their backyard. Like mushrooms after a summer storm, our world is littered with wells that are poisoning all our drinking water, forever. It can never be cleaned or undone.

This is just a map of the areas in red of the USA that have fracking going on. 
I am not going to tell you about what happens, just sit and watch it. But the good guys lose and the bad guys, well you know how it goes. In the end we are all going to lose this wonderful planet.
I'd like to thank Josh Fox for being a harbinger. Not many would choose do this.