Friday, February 7, 2014

Keyboarded Bunny

This is my old keyboard,a gift from my husband. I played it but never cared for the electronic sound. Since we now have the Knabe upright in working order,this needed a new home. I would have donated it to a school, but sadly most no longer have music programs nor bands. We found where musicians hang out and play at Mojo Monkey Cafe in Houston, Missouri. Musicians of all types hang out there to eat, visit,surf the internet and play music. It is a great place for coffee and food. And they were in need of some instruments. So we brought my keyboard  and it was happily added to the set. It will get used instead of collecting dust in my room. 

This is chicken housing for poultry at the feed store. We are looking at this as an option for our bunny rabbits. Larger and mobile is our goal and predator proof. A bunny tractor for the yard. This way the bunnies get fresh grass, sunlight and room to run and we get free fertilizer. They still will be brought inside our house at night. We have night predators that could wear this hutch like a hat.


  1. I think your donation of the keyboard was wonderful... and I just looked at the SAME hutch at Orschelns 30 minutes ago!

    1. Thanks, the hutches looked nice, but I can see them needing weather proofing and predator security latches. And securing from high winds, anchoring down.