Monday, February 10, 2014

More Winter, More Snow

Hey, it is snowing, again! It is officially to worst winter for my area since the 1980's according to the locals. The schools have been closed on an off for most of the winter. The farm roads have been challenging even with 4 wheel drive. 

I felt bad for the wild birds and have bought 100 pounds of sunflower seeds for them. They eat about 10-15 pounds a day.

My trees are full of goldfinches, cardinals,blue jays, snowbirds, grosbeaks and doves.

By noon most of the seeds are about gone and ready for a refill.
I am happy to have the snow in that it means water for the ground. A nice soaking for the trees and the pastures. I am looking forward to working in the dirt and getting my garden underway again.

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