Friday, December 23, 2011

Lost Car Bling

I have an older 1989 Volvo that I drive everywhere, it is a great dependable car. My only complaint was the awful grey hubcaps it came with. So I replaced them with cheap plastic chrome wheel covers. I had them for almost 4 years until 1 fell off last week. Now my car looks like an old car with the missing hubcap. I found out from a tire store that the wheel size is on the tire; mine are 14 inch. You can find these hub caps online and at the local Wal Mart. We live very far away from places so online I went and bought new bling for my wheels. They have so many styles that do all kinds of things.It is the only thing I do to my car that is all me, the bling. I don't have a CD player, the heater fogs and the AC leaks. But the Volvo runs, hauls hay and feed and gets me home safe. It deserves a little bling on the farm.

Golden Table

A friend of mine bought an old antique table that was in the weather for a while. She used new plaster and trim to repair the missing plaster work. Then she guilded the entire table.This table will be a gift to a family member this Christmas. I am always happy to see something old and worn out restored again and usable.