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Advent This

Our church needed some updated Advent decoration. I have inherited my mother-in-laws vintage Babylock embroidery machine and put it to good use. I have it set up in my sewing studio ready to go.

It is old technology and uses cards, not disk, not thumb drive, just cards. Luckily my husbands mom had some cards to use and were stored well. The cards still work and can be used for a limited calligraphy embroidery run.

Pick your size and off it goes. It stops automatically for a thread change or when finished.

I have been able to find some Babylock cards on ebay here and there.Most cards are outdated art and type styles from the 1980's. But for these small jobs it is great for banging out a small project. I only wish I could hook this machine up to my computer. But those are later models. But thanks to her good care of her sewing machines, I can keep using it.

Currently Working on

From ideas, to sketches to drwaings
Worked on the layout and began sewing it together. Love the threads available at Connecting Threads website. Strong threads, no bleed, and lots of yardage per spool. Very good for embroidery work and quilting.

Getting closer to a whole composition with no pattern. This is straight from the hip applique and new texture ideas. 

My ever ready cat house gang. So lazy and so not helpful. But fun to pet.

Ire Eye

Here is our 5 year old Missouri Fox trotter mare. This is her good side. Two weeks ago she did something and we found her eyelid hanging tangled in her forelock. Called the vet and with headlamps on he trimmed off the necrotic tissue and sewed back the living eyelid tissue, saving her lashes and lid.

He used bright blue suture so we can find them to pull them when healed.
 Close up for the shorter lid and saved lashes.
Maple and her constant companion, Shelby, the donkey. Our vet said the cut was extremely sharp and might have come from a large mountain lion and not barb wire. We have electric extensions along the barbwire to prevent the horses getting into the wire. None of our horses have gotten into wire since we installed it and walked the fences. We even replaced our round bale ring with a new one to prevent metal cuts. But horses get into things and we do live in the woods. We are just glad her eye was saved.

Dreaming in these Hues

One of four roosters we kept for meat this winter. He is by the honeysuckle vines.
The wildflower field and hens
Potting shed and one of my gardens
Bees domain

Our pond and newly given sitting rock.
Our home
Sugar maple

Horse pasture under the sugar maple
 Japanese and Kershaw squash curing on top of our firewood.

It is all in Black and White

There was a black and white challenge in Facebook last month. I was challenged by my missionary friend, Tamara. So I dove into it. My daily coffee grind.
My garlic passion
current project
ongoing projects
rest spot
future project

our farm footwear

My ammo

Queen Pumpkin

Finally the harvest of the last of the winter squashes in my living room. All are cured and ready for a long winter.
This is Puff A.K.A. Cotton Ball. She is ignoring me and trying to catch a bird or mouse. She is only outside during the day as she trees herself at night. Plus owls and coyote would love to eat her. The two boy cats are fine outside. While Puff was a farm foster kitten delivered by a person with a van full of her litter mates, she is no toughie. She is super soft, fat and round and is no farm cat. But she thinks she is and tries to be. She is spotless and super clean and stays that way even after rolling in the dust and chasing a chicken. She wants to grab a chicken badly. But our two shepherd will have none of that and chase her under the firewood pile for doing so. She does not like our dogs but tolerates them to a certain point. Then she comes inside to be adored like the queen she is.

November Frost

My constant companion these cooler days has been little Frosty. While we have other cats, this foster kitten has found our home to be his. Not a single call did I get for him. So after 2 months of postings and posters Frosty be ours.
As I work from home Frosty is always with me.
Under my desk, sewing table, sewing machine, bathroom and bed. He is at my side all the time. When I am away from the house he goes with the adult cats. He plays and runs with them and even naps with them.
His coat is very short and he is always seeking warmth. He is not old enough to go outside yet as the the other cats do.
Huge ears and pink nose and short silver hair.
Mmmm, good to be in a home.

Here be Frosty

We have had no takers for my foster kitten. Yesterday at the vet's office needed his rabies shot and a name. The vet tech asked"how about Frost?" So I am calling him Frosty since he is a silver tabby. He has a spotted silver belly as well. His spots look like the cat paws on our then frozen pond. So for now he will be called Frosty.  On a side note last night got down to 50 degrees here in the Ozarks. Open windows and cold, just perfect for us.

My Cooking Class

I have been trying to find good veggie recipe that do not fry everything. We have a lot of veggies this year. Especially for egg plant. I am happy to find a series of cookbooks with steps and most important, PHOTOS! I am a visual person and photos help a ton. The series My Cooking Class has step by step real photos (not 80's sketches) on how to go about cooking Indian foods, sauces, cakes etc. And they are great! If you are a beginner or advanced this will help round out your eating options. Here is a book review of the series:

Better Than Store Bought Cookbook

One great cookbook I like to use is called Better than Store Bought by Helen Witty. It is from the 80's but is quite good at filling in the holes of cooking from scratch 3 meals a day. You can make your own sauces, condiments, sides all popular in restaurants today from scratch. Not many photos but still a good go to book. Witty also wrote the Good Stuff Cookbook which also is in the same category of 1980's type recipe cookbook, more prose than photos.

Pioneer Days

Every October the nearby town has Pioneer Day. People can bring their crafts, art and goodies to town and show off. People dress in the pioneer garb of the time. Horses and carts along with music and dance.
We helped a friend with her booth of handmade quilts, dolls and rugs this year.
Here she is showing the bank people how to make rope the pioneer way.

Our last guest of the day asked for crochet lessons. Our friend had nothing to eat all day and was eating and teaching at the same time. She just likes to help people no matter what.