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2017 Lessons Learned

This year I worked like a dog for 3 growing seasons. I had a tiller, thin soil and a mission to grow the foods we love to eat and enjoy. I planted my pumpkins a bit too early but they did great. I planted 3 veggie gardens and 2 flower beds. I had to sacrifice the flower beds after the drought and watering became too much for me. But we had food and have food, thanks to all this hard work.

I only fostered one kitten this year and kept him. Frosty has made our farm his home.

Even though we had a bad drought we had colors for fall.

My girls do their job well protecting the poultry.

I was thrown a surprise birthday party by my friends and husband.

I had the best birthday cake ever made by my friend.

Our Magnolia tree got taller.

I got to work on bone assembly. So love doing this.

We were cut off since all the roads were under water or washed away.

The Spring brought torrential floods and we lost our roads and bridges.

The rains gave us roses and flowers.

Happiest garden ever with tilling and bees. 

More flowers before the droughts set in.

The bounty of sugar peas all spring.

and peas for weeks!

Summer squash

My ducks gave me ducklings. I was able to sell them for a good price.

later summertime I had eggplant and bush beans enough to can and sell.

forgotten bounty of onions and more beans

Tomatillo abundance!

Winter squash harvest was great.

I gained confidence in my putting away pressure canned food which we are now living off of. All this hard work, dirt,sweat, bug bites, sore muscles and we have a full larder. Since we had no income having the food was a life saver.

An august sunset.

Friends can surprise you with the unexpected. I was given a sitting rock for our pond.

I made my first home grown pumpkin pie that was a big hit. I have mastered pie crust and filling thanks to trial and error.

My bachelor buttons thrived in the veggie garden in the drought.

The lilies came and left too soon. But I got to enjoy them in all their glory.
I do not know what next year will be like. But I have seeds to plant and soil to make. I have poultry and beef and veggies to eat. We have a roof over our heads and a plan to move ahead. We lost some loved ones and friends this year, but no illness or sickness. We both have been blessed with more light than darkness. And for that I am grateful.


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Big Black Beetle

I happened to find this huge black beetle pondering across my neighbors basement floor. She almost weighed as much as a full spool of quilting thread and was the size of the palm of my hand. She is a black rain beetle and is a rare find indeed. They take 13 years to mature and both sexes emerge just before rain and fall to mate then burrow underground again. The female does not fly only the male, so that was why she was walking in the basement. She was the neatest bug I have found yet. I set her outside to find a mate in the woods.

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The other day a friend came by to give a hoof trimming lesson to my neighbor. She raises champion goats and offered to show us how to trim goat hooves. The auction goats had neglected feet and needed serious trimming. They must have been confined for a long time to get at this level of neglect. So after a goat holder was made the trimming lesson began.
The auction goats poor feet. They caused her to walk poorly and not be able to forage since walking hurts.
The hoof wall has folded under the hoof. Careful trimming with very sharp trimmers.
My husband on the left, Cathy and Rick on the right. Goat audience around the show.
Left hoof is after and the right hoof is before.
The goat thinks about all this.
Serious fold over on the second older female goat. After the trimming both goats walked better.

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I liked its markings
I got the whole hiss song and dance from this snake. It did not want to move off the driveway.
Such a cute tail all curled up.