Saturday, December 30, 2017

Wood Heated

Chopping and splitting logs by hand is how we used to keep warm in the winter when we first moved here to the Ozarks. 

We got splitting down but had an inefficient wood stove and not enough heat for our house. Propane heat is costly and not as good. So we picked up a used log splitter for our tractor at auction and built pallet log carrier to move logs next to our house.

Moving the split wood next to our house. We go through about 3-4 of these per winter.

Here is our pride and joy. Our Jotul woodstove that burns well and heats the entire house both stories. It is located in the basement area and the heat goes up the stairs and keeps us cozy. I can use the top as a cooker if needed. I usually have a pot of tea going.
The old timers who can no longer split their own wood, buy wood already split and have it delivered. And that might be our plan in our later years. But for now friends have helped up fell trees and chop logs. And we have taken a few down ourselves. The wood ashes go into the compost and the garden. My hens love to roll in the dust of the ash piles. We have woods all around us and are grateful for the heat they provide for us in the cold times.

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