Monday, April 13, 2015

Playing in the Dirt

It is a wet spring in the Ozarks and that means gardening time. 
Time to plant flowers and veggies and get dirty.

Some neat small pink flowers I found at a greenhouse.

My chicken proof flower bed.

I use 6 ft bamboo poles to hold up the chicken wire and for bulb placement. 
Dahlias, Iris, and more are all waiting for more rain and warmer weather.

My constant gardening companion, Melon.

April Auction Chicks

These are Ameraucana chicks I bought at a local livestock auction. I was not wanting to raise anymore chicks for a while. But the price was too good to pass up for these chicks. And I do not see them for sale very often. I usually see Barred rocks and Comets or meat chicks for sale. 

These make wonderful hens and roosters. And the eggs are so pretty in shades of blue and green. I like how this breed handles the summer heat well.

I have some older hens of this breed and they get broody and hatch well for me. And what is spring without some peeps coming from my house.