Thursday, February 18, 2010

Magic Mill

One of the neat things about the Ozarks is all the things you can learn from the people here. Our neighbor, Nancy, showed me how to grind organic wheat and bake bread. She uses a vintage Magic Mill that is very loud, but got the wheat ground instantly. It made a fine warm grind that made into a splendid bread. I finally was able to find my own mill after a year of hunting. It is also vintage but is in good working order. My mill is also loud, but grinds fast. Now we can grind more wheat and bake more bread at one time. Once you have had chemical free organic wheat and fresh spring fed water to make bread, you will never want to eat store bought bread again.

Sleeping Ugly

Tonight the dogs were barking up a storm. Those "none shall pass" type of barks.
So my husband and I called back the dogs and used a flashlight that turns night into day. On the hill was a curled up ball of grey. We walked up and it was a huge possum, playing possum. We went back inside and got the camera and sleeping ugly was still there, blinking and breathing. We took some shots and left our visitor alone for the evening. I am glad it stayed "asleep"; possums have huge fangs. I don't want to tangle with one in the dark. That possum was waiting for us to feed the barn cat. We were running late on that.
After an hour the possum was long gone and the barn cat was happily eating her late supper. I paned the flashlight into the dark while the cat ate and saw a stray cat. I called my husband outside and a second stray jumped out. Apparently, we are feeding half the Ozarks outside our door. They know when feeding time is and they form a line on our deck. We are careful not to leave food outside, but word has gotten out.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Clear and cold

We got the chance to drive down to the river in Van Buren, MO after our dentist appointments. The river is blue! There is no trash in the water and you can see the fish! I did not think rivers were this pretty anymore. Missouri works hard keeping its rivers and lands picked up. No wonder so many people canoe and enjoy the waters here. We are looking forward to warmer weather so we can go floating and canoeing.


One of the delights of living in the Ozarks in winter, snowcaps. There is snow remaining on the high rocks and in the shadows of the hills. Such beauty on the drive home.

Snuggle Puss

On the cold mornings we light up the pellet stove. It warms the upstairs part of the house and we turn off the central heater. This is Daisy's favorite place to be in the vellux blanket in the rocker by the fire. Our cats have a very pampered life here in the Ozarks.

Food, Inc.

We sat and watched the DVD Food, Inc. I thought it was going to be a "Peta" type of show, it is not.
It is scary to find out how the food industry is controlling our government, our health and our future . This movie is a real eye opener about how modern farming and the food companies control our freedoms as Americans. I highly recommend everyone watch this movie and talk to your families about what is happening to America. Then talk to your state representatives.
The most entertaining part was Polyface Farms of VA. They put farming the land into perspective for organic farmers. I hope to be as respectful of my animals and land as they are.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I admire Anna Pugh

One day my husband and I were eating at a greasy spoon in Fredricksburg, Texas. On the wall was a neat folk print of a hen. I asked the owner about it but they had no idea. So I looked again and saw that it was a print signed by Anna Pugh . I kept that name written down for 10 years. Then I finally got a book of all her prints. Such happy and unique farm life paintings. Brilliant colors can be seen in her works. Her prints will make you smile and enjoy the simple life.

A cold is hard

I have been fighting and finally gave into my cold. My head has been in a fishbowl for a week. Plugged up ears, nose and sore throat. I have had no energy and have slept more than a bear. And medicine just delays the cold.I did get to the dentist and church thanks to my husband. I am now trying to get back into the land of the living. I miss smell and taste and hearing. I will be so happy when my ears clear up. So I posted the 2 photos of a clear river in Van Buren, MO. It was partially frozen but clear to see the fluid bottom, like my head felt this week.