Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gate Me Gladly

Alan posing for me at the Chinese gate at the Botanical Gardens. One of our dates to Avery Island, LA about 13 years ago; I had him pose at a similar gate. This time he has a beard and he is my husband.


St. Louis has a huge botanical gardens. We got to see about half of it on this very hot day. Every plant and tree is labeled. 

My favorite, maidenhair fern.

Chinese garden.

There would have been more but my camera died half way through. But there was a plant sale there and I came home with irises from all over the world.

Basilica in St. Louis

Last Sunday, we brought a friend to the airport in St. Louis. We all got to take a tour of the Basilica there. Words cannot express the beauty of the mosaics in this church.

The ceiling



Adoration chapel

another chapel

The liturgical balcony is 2 stories tall

The best, the Pieta. I got to touch the bronze copy of Michelangelo stunning sculpture.You are allowed to.Probably will be the only time in my life, I can touch a sculpture by my favorite artist.
You can see where people have touched the sculpture over the years. The knee, the cut, Mary's hand.
This Basilica was like stepping into a jeweled box.