Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bushy Hoggy

It is that time again to trim the back seven or so acres of pasture. Trees and shrubs were starting to grow up and take over the grasslands.

Now it is all trimmed on one half of the pasture. Our horses are turned out at night on the green stuff and are put on a dry lot during the day. Our pasture stays lusher now that we rotate the horses in the divided pasture.

Orphanarium Swim Tank

Here is my orphan duckling. I had hoped some others would have hatched by now to keep this one company. But so far after 3 weeks no more have hatched under the older ducks. I think the heat as been too much for them.

So this one is in a brooder box in the house. It gets 2 swims a day in our tub with oatmeal at the bottom of the tub.

It likes the water and the tub a lot.

Some of the thirty ducks on our farm.

I am hoping these two boys give me some ducklings from their line. I have mostly Rouens.

Apple Thief

The mystery is over the thief of my apples has been identified.

My husband went outside and got these photos. The doe was not scared and ate away.

She has a fawn nearby, hidden.

Not quite ripe yet but she is full.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Eggplants and Kittens

Tomatoes and an eggplant I grew in my greenhouse. It seems after 1 gets ripe they all start to ripen fast. The combination of heat and humidity have made happy vegetables.

Here is one of the nine kittens I am raising for our local no-kill animal shelter. The shelter has had some recent illness and needs kittens to stay away until it is cleared. So I am raising this bunch at home. This calico is a character. She is all the colors of her litter mates and she has green eyes. If I wanted to keep one, she would be the one.