Saturday, April 17, 2010

Star Quilts

I have been teaching quilting at our local Community Center here in Summersville. Here is an example of one of our beginner projects in the works. We don't have a design wall so we use a pool table instead to lay out the quilt blocks.

Ozark April Clouds

Turtle Day

Here on our property we have turtles. This past morning they were on the move and very active. One red box turtle and one brown tortoise were running away from our ponds. We took photos of their under sides to ID them later if we come across them again.

Baby Filly

Our neighbor is raising some foals born from his mares this spring. The other morning we came by to see the latest. I have never seen a foal in real life before. It was so magical seeing a real live baby filly and its protective mother in the field.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rose's Day out

Rose is our female Rex bunny. Since we do not have a fenced in yard we take her on leash walks in our yard. She loves eating the tall green Fescue grasses that grow on our rolling hills.

Horse Shopping

This past weekend A. and I drove around the town looking for horses for sale. We want to buy locally, if we can. Here in the Ozarks it is trail riding season and many of the good horses have sold. Most horse owners have foals and yearlings left. We have seen Paints, Fox Trotters, Quarter horses and Arabians in our area. It is fun to go horse shopping though. People are so friendly and full of information. And they are happy to show off their horses.

Poppy Tuesday

Poppy is outside helping my husband to pull weeds from our pond pea gravel plateau.