Wednesday, August 16, 2017

August Foster Kitten

Yesterday a friend posted on facebook she needed help. A kitten was found in the walls of an office, mama cat moved the kittens, this one was left behind. Three days had passed and the mama never came back for this kitten.

So I called her and picked up the orphan. We no longer have a shelter in our county, it closed. I still have all the supplies and the rescuer gave me fresh KMR. The kitten survived the night and feedings every 2-3 hours. It has teeth emerging and will soon be eating solid food. Looks to be a tiny 3 week old or so. 

My own cats are not liking this new house guest. They will have none of it. Even though most of there were this tiny and orphaned once. I will put this kitten up for adoption in October. If it has long hair it has a home waiting for it from its rescuer. If it is a short hair I will find it a new home. Either way it has a safe place to grow up in.