Monday, December 29, 2014

Missing Melon Mission

The other day it was cold and rainy here in the Ozarks. I let Melon outside and there he stayed for many hours. It was getting dark and icy so my husband and I suited up for the cold and went to hunt for Melon. We looked everywhere and I started to back track on a hunch. Sure enough he was dry and happy under a trailer and wood. He was spooked and a bit jumpy but otherwise just fine.

Once he was back inside the house he was a happy camper once more. We think the shepherds were chasing a predator and he got caught up in the chase.

Get Foxy

This little fox ornament was sent to me by my niece. She sent me a care package of much needed Vietnamese foods and treats from Louisiana. She suggested the fox be placed in the snow village I had on display for the holidays. He fits right in with all the other animals in the snow village.

Case of the Mondays

I woke up this morning feeling weak and tired. But I pulled on my clothes, coat and boots and headed outside to feed the farm in the ice. Then came back in the house, changed and crawled back into bed. I am not sick, just worn out and did not sleep well. But my husband got all the phone calls and deliveries and started the wood stove so I could rest.

This is how I feel. My German Shepherd just passed out on the deck with her hard head.

She looks like she partied all night.