Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Tree

We bought this tall pre -lit Christmas tree last year and did not put it up. This year we set it up early and took our time decorating. Everything was bought used, the ornaments, ribbons and picks were purchased second hand. The family ornaments were put on last. I made the tree skirt several years ago. I have to say the pre-lit tree is easier to set up and cleaner, no sap. But I do miss the smell the real tree provides. The cats still nibble on the fake tree as if it were real. Providing me with green hairballs of cheer to clean up after. It is nice not having to water the tree and the needles everywhere.

Early December Snow

For the last 2 years here we have had a white Christmas. However, this year Christmas came early to the Ozarks and I had a white birthday instead. Snow fell overnight and stayed the whole week long all over my freshly put up decorations. It so looks like and feels like Christmas with the snow and cold, lights and garlands. Nothing like the quiet of the snow and living on the farm, life is good.

Old Nativity Restored

Here is my old plaster nativity restored. I had to coat each figure in plaster to fill the holes. Then wash each one with a brush to remove excess plaster. After sanding each figure, I repainted each one over the last month. I coated the paint with a clear coat to protect the porous surfaces. I was able to match metallic paints by mixing several colors with new metallic acrylics. With careful packing these figures should last another 50 years.

Making Ceilings

Here is my neighbors room addition drywall ceiling work. We both helped get the drywall up and tacked in place. He will go back and finish up the seam work after. It was quite hard to hold the boards up and wait as the tacking got done. But the result was a nice warm room with a view. I can't imagine how he got those boards up by himself. But now he can get the ceiling and walls done by Christmas.