Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tall Tractor Tale

My neighbor bought a big Farmall  tractor in Illinois.

He got it home and got it running, but it stalled several times. He drove home in the rain and water got in the gas tank. But he got it going enough to get it off his trailer.

He is sitting up high.

Big Red is home.

Narrow tires and high and wide wheel placement for going over crops.
 He sits higher than we do on our horses. We offered him some stirrups for mounting 
and dismounting his iron steed. He just jumps off the wheels instead.

Goat Flings

Here is my neighbors baby goats and their guard donkey.

Taking a nice warm sun nap.

Climbing the warm furry hill.

Avoiding the warm biting hill.

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Three Busketeers

Here is Moe who is not a doe but a buck. That means he is a boy bunny.

Moe is all about doing things all the time. Very active bunny.

To the left is Larry, a doe we guess and to the right is Curly, still not sure.

Larry is always spooked and afraid. But she is getting lots of hands on attention. 
She is very soft and the smallest of the trio. All these bunnies can fit in your hand.

Curly is very active and not as soft, feels like a poodle. Curly has curled ears and whiskers.

Curly, Larry and Moe

Winter Cat Nap

Snots and Daisy in front of the pellet stove. They are all tired after watching me put away decorations.

It is all about the warm wool quilt and the wool rug. Life is good.

Snow and Ice and Rain

Today is really rain then ice, but last week was about snow and ice. Lots of snow and snow drifts in the roads here in the Ozarks. Trips had to be planned ahead of time and sometimes no one left the house for days. Ice on country roads means some cars can't go there for miles unless they have 4 wheel drive. 

Only went out for farm animal feed runs. Cold cows.

Snow on top and ice underneath and very cold. Are we there yet?

Big drifts like sand dunes thanks to a lot of wind.

My truck hood and my road, they match!


The good news is that it will be warming up during the coming days and all this will melt.
Then we will have flooding and high water on the country roads. So glad I have a truck with 4 wheel drive.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Silent Snowy Sunday

We got plenty of warning about the upcoming Sunday sleet, ice and snow. I spent all day Saturday stacking firewood, putting up straw for the poultry and putting away Christmas decorations. We also had our new hot water heater installed along with a water softener.It was a late night but Sunday morning it was worth it. All the animals were warm, we had hot water and we could watch the snow fall.
The roads were too dangerous to make it to church, so we watched our animals in the snow. 
Zilla loves napping in the snow. She is a winter dog.

Poppy taking a warm nap.

Not a single animal track nor human track on our road. All was silent and cold.

The sun setting this evening in a rich amber hue.