Sunday, June 4, 2017

Where I come from

I guess as we get older we like to see where we come from. Where do our talents, gifts, physical traits and skills come from? Photos help with that and memories of that. I remember my paternal grandmother showing me how to play on the electric organ. All those petals and keys. She also collected travel souvenirs in resin. She displayed them in a dark corner with back light. These resin encased seahorses, seaweed and shells came alive to me. She also raised exotic birds in cages that I to helped clean. She was a meticulous house keeper who loved her birds, Persian cats and tea cup chihuahuas. She was also a card shark. She was a tennis player and very active and taught piano until very late in her life. My paternal grandfather was a bartender. He was also of the discernment to place a good bet or two. He was an avid and prolific gardener. Both of them could read people very well. They had a knack for games.

Last guy on the right is my grandpa on my paternal side.

My grandma on my paternal side in the middle. Both photos taken in New Orleans, Louisiana

I got my music ability, long neck, cheek bones and long nose from the paternal side. I can play chess, cards and have a knack sometimes. I love to raise animals and enjoy their company. If you spent enough time in a bar the magic is lost. Bars and liquor bore me. I love dogs but outside is best. I have a soft spot for Persian cats. But my husband only like the short haired cat. So all of ours are shorties. I do love the sea and have sea shells that light up thanks to new LED illumination devices.