Wednesday, September 27, 2017

No Phony Me

I watched a funny video about cell phones. Just love Ginger Billy and his Facebook postings. He says what I am thinking.

Cell phones are one of my major pet peeves. People use them constantly like my husband does for everything. Calendar, alarm clock, map, phone, TV, music and constant news and chat feeds. I have a very old flip phone the size of 2 clothes pins. It does not surf the web, it can't take photos, it can only be used like a phone, if I remember to turn it on or charge it. Has it even come in handy? No. Not once, not ever. I carry maps with me, I am good at directions. I can drive without any distractions. I can carry on a conversation with a real person in front of me for the entire event without looking at my phone, because it is not on. Do I get calls? Yes, from telemarketers texting me and calling me. I do not give out my cell number to anyone only my husband has it. Why? Because if I want to talk to my friends I will call them or use Facebook when I get home. I do not need 10,000 distractions for what I am doing, living.

I miss seeing peoples faces and only see their scalps. I feel like a hairdresser sometimes. Cell phone users are too busy looking down. Cell phones give people a false sense of knowledge and connection. In reality it makes them dependent on a device and they are not connected with people. And they pay a lot of money for this.

I only see this as getting worse and not better and a lot more expensive to USA users. In other countries they have it so much better. Even the poorest have state of the art phone and great reception and connection. They take care of their phone and use it when needed like for war, fires, floods, work and also -life. The rest of the world gets along great with phone technology. But our nation is so far behind in culture, tech and manners. I prefer to just let it go.

Cotton Tree

Yesterday, we let our female cat, Cotton, outside at night to get out her aggression. She is fixed and a bit dominant to the other cats in the house. I go out at night to check on her and she has treed herself. I called and coaxed with cat food and our 2 males helped, no go; she was not moving from that 15ft limb. I decided to go back to bed and deal with her in the morning. At about 3:30am my husband wakes me up with that cat successfully rescued from the tree. He climbed up the ladder in the dark and got her out the tree. She had gone down to a lower branch. Cotton then stayed with Alan all night long, in bed and at his feet in the office. He is her hero, me, not so much.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Blue Me Away

I made this quilt 2 years ago for a young woman going to college. She is now about a year away from graduating and getting her Ag degree. This quilt is still vibrant and doing well. So worth buying high quality fabrics, washing to test for fugitive dyes and then using them in a quilt.