Tuesday, July 1, 2014

To Hay You Say

We just bought our hay for the winter. First cutting from a friends field.

There were huge 6 ft bales, rich with all kinds of plant material.

Getting our trailer loaded.

Beautiful view.

Waiting for the next load of bales.

Off loading the bales at our place using a borrowed tractor. Needed the brush hog to counter balance the weight. Just finished before the storms rolled in.

Then there were Four

Here are the kittens I have been fostering for the last 4 weeks.

They have not grown much and the runt died last night.

Melon my 2 month old is helping me clean them.

They get filthy eating every time.I have to wash them each mealtime. They go to the vet this week to see what is wrong. I think they have worms. I just want them to get strong and grow so they can get adopted and be healthy adult cats one day.