Friday, April 25, 2014

Curly Go Lightly

Here is Curly the bunny of many bunnies. He has a Rex coat that is not soft, one ear up and one not, two shades of brown, curly whiskers. But he is a sweet bunny that likes to be pet.

Curly taking in the yard vista.

Licks the sandstone.

Curly with his brother Moe on patrol.

Larry be Wary

This is Larry a girl bunny. She and her brothers Curly and Moe get to spend the day in the bunny yard outside. They have grass, straw and sunlight to run around in.

Larry watching her brothers.

Sometimes Larry sees something that makes her stop and look about.

And she waits quietly for the danger to pass.

Orphan Gray

This past Easter Sunday we were invited to a friends house for supper. After we finished our meal the owner of the home complained about mewing in the walls. I offered to help track down the mewing. I crawled under the decking and located a hole, but no access to the mewing. Then I asked about from where was the noise the loudest, in the bathroom it was said. So we located the pipe access hole, and another friend was in the crawlspace under the bathroom, they located a single kitten. It was folded and passed down a pipe into the arms of a warm towel holder. We then tried to locate the mother around the outside of the house, to no avail. And they have a dog that does not tolerate cats. We gave it some tuna in a can then it was offered to me to care for.So after a few calls we got the local vet to meet us at his clinic for a triage. We thanked our host and apologized for tearing up their house in the hunt. We met the vet and he got us started on the kitten feeding train.

The kitten is 2 weeks old, eyes opened but weak.

After a few feedings it got stronger.

Post meal nap time in warm arms.

Looking for more formula. Raising a newborn kitten is not easy. Lots of feedings, warm pads, mewing, and more feedings. Plus our home team does not like the interloper. If all goes well it should gain weight and grow up well. It is a silver gray fuzzy male kitten with long hair possibilities.

Pair of Tabbies

Do you dare, stare at the pair?