Friday, June 24, 2016

O Death

The world lost another great musician today Ralph Stanley. Heaven is gonna be rocking out with songs and tunes. I am so glad I discovered Ralph Stanley's music. I can appreciate the gifts he had of writing, playing and his voice that he shared. Thanks to the movie O Brother Where art Thou? Many people found out the songs from our past are still great even better for today's ears.
Ralph's  - "O Death" song is haunting and beautiful. 

You can read more about Ralph here:


Here are two of the most common snakes I have around my farm. The deadly copperhead and the non venomous king snake. This photo was not on my farm but is a still great shot.King snakes kill other snakes. They are very good at controlling the mice/rat population and copperheads. Copperheads are the worst in August when they shed their skins, are blind and attack everything in pairs. I am grateful I have a healthy king snake population around. Snakes get a bad wrap but are very important in nature. 

Thick as Thieves

This morning one of the male kittens stole some scrambled egg off my husbands plate at breakfast. He ran off with it growling and eating at the same time. Since my 8 week old foster kittens are growing, I will have to increase their food. So I opened a can of moist canned cat food for all 9 to share. They ate their fill and all passed out into a food coma. With the kitten shots and multiple worming they are a bit under weight. They were born outside to a mom cat that was run over. While they received colostrum they were burdened with parasites and worm load. They are on the mend and happy being pampered and fed well. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dahlia Summer

I bought a ton of  mixed color dahlia bulbs from Wal Mart this spring. Now they are all flowering and I have discovered they are almost all of the same color family. I know I planted the mix color bulbs but I have almost all purple and white/purple. Apparently "mixed color" in Chinese means purple.
They still make nice bouquets. Now the challenge is keeping the Japanese beetles off my made in China bulbs. I have an international garden war.

Habitus Rabbitus

Here is my husband and the foster kittens putting the new bunny cage together.

This cage would be great for kitten containment as well.

The have a large run, shelf and wooden hidy hole to nest in. All our bunnies are fixed boys.

Over 60 inches to run about and they live on the single plastic shelf. Good thing they have the outside play yard in the cooler times of the year. No one ever told me that bunnies like to roost like chickens.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Kat Knaps

These are my foster kittens about ready for adoption. Our local no kill shelter asks for volunteers to help raise orphan kittens too young to be adopted. All the food, time, meds, vetting and supplies are tax deductible.

Melon is a good foster parent for the kittens.