Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Neighbors

Our new neighbors put up their new greenhouse together. They took the time getting all the parts installed before winter sets in the Ozarks. After a full day of installation we all took a fun trip to the local mills. They got to see how clear the spring water is out here in Missouri. Seeing our clean air and clean water makes you feel great living here.

13 Little Ones

Yesterday at 6am my post office called for me to pick up my duckling shipment. I ordered 12 ducklings mostly females and 4 straight run. Today I realized I forgot the leg bands. They need to be removed ASAP as to not hurt the leg growth. So my husband and I removed the bands from the ducklings. Even at 48 hours old they grow very fast. I also found out I was shipped one extra duckling lucky number thirteen.