Monday, September 19, 2016

Ozark Life

I posted this photo I found while looking at local livestock for sale around the Ozarks. I just thought was a great photo of the farmer and his prized rooster. I kept being drawn to this photo and contacted the owner. His wife took the photo and appreciated my complimenting her photo skills.

Gray Napping

Melon and our adopted foster kitten taking a nap in my sewing room on a bed for one.

Taking Care

A friend of mine has been very busy with health of her husband. On their many trips to the hospitals and the VA, I take care of their pets. While waiting for the call of nature for their dogs, I was looking at her many photos and pictures on their walls in her home. It is something I don't do. My husband does not like putting holes in the walls of our house. If I had my choice I would have my walls covered with art that I have collected. Instead, I have stacks of beautifully framed art that sits against walls on the floor, under beds, behind furniture. But my friends have photo stories on all their walls. And this one gave me pause to stop and read it. It is so much their story. Very open and friendly people who are just like you see them, not fake. I laugh at this photo and it makes me smile.

Quill Me

This was given to me as a gift by another friend. She saw it in a shop on her travels. I thought it was very well done and had cats!

Red Rock

 I went to a yard sale and while looking around I noticed some rocks for sale. The seller's husband had just returned from a huge geologist auction. She showed off some of their winnings. She offered to sell me one of the rocks. This was the rock. Wow, so many colors. It is about 7 inches by 6 inches and weighs about a pound.